Do I have to pay for a book that I didn t order?

Do I have to pay for a book that I didn t order?

Are they obligated to pay for the unordered books? Assuming they have not specifically agreed to join an ongoing “book club,” the answer is no. In fact, if you are sent any merchandise that you did not order, you have a legal right to keep the shipment as a free gift.

How to return Bottom Line books?

Returns are easy! Please email us at [email protected], and we will provide you with instructions for your return. We will gladly accept a returned item within 30 days for a full refund.

WHO publishes Bottom line?

Boardroom, Inc.
Bottom Line/Personal, published by Boardroom, Inc., currently publishes 24 times annually.

How do I cancel my personal bottom line?

By Email. You can also email customer service at [email protected]. Include your account number or name and address and tell them you want to cancel your subscription.

Who is Sarah Hiner?

Sarah Hiner is President & CEO of Bottom Line Inc., which publishes books and consumer newsletters Bottom Line Health and Bottom Line Personal. For more than four decades, Bottom Line Inc. (formerly Boardroom Inc.) has provided consumer, health and financial advice from experts to millions of readers worldwide.

Is bottom line legitimate?

Besides its online content and books, the Stamford, Connecticut-based company publishes the following newsletters in print: As of 2019, it has been continuously published for 38 years. Bottom Line Health, 12 issues per year, covering health and health care. As of 2019, it has been continuously published for 32 years.

What does your bottom line mean?

The bottom line is a company’s net income, or the “bottom” figure on a company’s income statement. These expenses include interest charges paid on loans, general and administrative costs, and income taxes. A company’s bottom line can also be referred to as net earnings or net profits.

What is bottom line on top?

The bottom line refers to a company’s net income, which is presented at the bottom of the income statement. Management can increase the bottom line by enacting strategies to increase revenues or decrease expenses. The top line refers to gross sales or revenues, which are found on the top line of the income statement.

What is the bottom line for?

The bottom line refers to the net income of a company for a certain period. It is recorded on the bottom line of the net income financial statement. The bottom line is calculated by subtracting expenses from gross sales or revenues, and it shows how profitable the business was during a specific accounting period.

What is a bottom line question?

noun. The most important, essential, or fundamental question.