Do landlords have to keep spare keys?

Do landlords have to keep spare keys?

There is no law which specifically states that the landlord must have a spare key available for tenants when they lose theirs. In fact some landlords do not retain a key for the property at all. So no, you cannot require your landlord to pay for the lock change.

Can an estate agent enter your property without permission?

That means that your landlord and the letting agent cannot enter the tenanted property without your agreement or permission. However, there are exceptions to this rule as your landlord or the letting agent will need to visit tenanted property to carry out inspections or repairs.

Do real estates keep spare keys?

Madeleine said in NSW, there is generally nothing stopping a property owner holding keys. “There is no legislative issue with the Landlord holding keys, as long as they comply with the entry requirements and give appropriate notice or get consent from the tenant,” she said.

Should letting agents have keys?

The landlord cannot forbid you to so. Under common law, there is no obligation for the tenant to provide keys to the landlord. The landlord may only have a right to own a set of keys, if they specifically added such a clause in your Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement.

What do I do if I locked myself out of my rental property?

What to Do When Locked Out

  1. Calling the leasing office. Your leasing office representatives definitely have an extra copy of the key to your apartment (some might say…
  2. Contacting a locksmith.
  3. Finding alternative ways to get in.
  4. Keep a spare key.
  5. Give someone you trust an extra key.
  6. Consider keyless entry.

What happens if you lose your storage key?

If you can’t do that, talk to the storage company and they can probably cut it or call a locksmith to get it open. The simple answer is hire a locksmith. Sometimes storage facilities will offer lock cutting as a service for a fee. We charge from $10 – $30.

What is lockout fee?

Tenant shall, at own expense, contact a locksmith to address a lockout. Tenant will be charged a $95 fee for this service. Alternatively, Tenant may borrow a key from management office during regular office hours to gain access to the Property and/or to make a copy of the key.

How do you open a locked door without a key?

A small or thin screwdriver will work best on interior doors or doors with privacy handles. Simply push the screwdriver into the hole on the doorknob straight through for as far as you can. Then, turn or twist the screwdriver until the lock opens.