Do libraries have to be ADA compliant?

Do libraries have to be ADA compliant?

ADA compliance of course applies to your public library. There must be adequate parking, all areas of the library must be accessible and it must be possible for you to reach material that are on library shelves or have staff reach it for you.

What did the public accommodations sections of the ADA require?

In order to comply with the ADA accessibility guidelines, public accommodations must: Eliminate unnecessary eligibility standards or rules that deny individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to enjoy the goods and services of a place of public accommodation.

How many feet is ADA compliant?

An access aisle for an automobile-accessible space should be a minimum of 5 feet in width. A van-accessible space should be 11 feet in width. For a van-accessible space to be ADA compliant, it must have an access aisle that is a minimum of 8 feet in width.

How wide do aisles need to be for ADA compliance?

An accessible checkout aisle should provide a minimum of a 36-inch-wide access aisle and it should be identified by a sign with the international symbol of accessibility mounted over the aisle. The counter adjacent to the accessible checkout aisle has a maximum height of 38 inches.

What is ADA compliant counter height?

28″-36″ inches high
An ADA compliant sales or service counter must have a portion that is 28″-36″ inches high, measured from the finish floor to the sales counter top. This portion of the counter must also be at least 36″ inches long for a parallel approach or a 30″ length for a forward approach.

What are the exceptions to the ADA?

Access to specific employee work stations is governed by title I of the ADA.

  • 203.1 General.
  • 203.2 Construction Sites.
  • 203.3 Raised Areas.
  • 203.4 Limited Access Spaces.
  • 203.5 Machinery Spaces.
  • 203.6 Single Occupant Structures.
  • 203.7 Detention and Correctional Facilities.
  • 203.8 Residential Facilities.