Do you lose your licence for drug driving in South Australia?

Do you lose your licence for drug driving in South Australia?

The new laws have introduced tough penalties for drivers who commit drug driving offences in South Australia. Penalties for drug driving offences include fines, licence disqualification, demerit points and even imprisonment.

How long does drug driving stay on your criminal record?

Like drink driving, drug driving is a serious offence, which can carry a prison sentence. In 2015, new laws were brought in to deal with driving under the influence of both certain prescription drugs and illegal drugs. DG10 and DR80 offences will stay on your driving record for 11 years after the conviction.

How long do they have to prosecute for driving Offence?

The 14 days starts running from the date of the offence and as long as the notice of intended prosecution is sent to the registered owner within 14 days, that will mean that a prosecution can be pursued even though the driver may not receive a notice intended prosecution within those 14 days.

How long does a driving conviction stay on your DBS?

How long do driving offences stay on your DBS? Some driving offences stay on your DBS for as little as 3 months or less whereas more serious driving offences can never be ‘spent’ and stay on the Police National Computer and will be disclosed by a DBS Certificate forever.

How long do police prosecute drug driving?

After the police have taken a blood sample, it will take around two weeks for the results of an analysis to be made known. Our experience is that it normally takes 4-8 weeks from the date of initial arrest for a person to be charged if the result of the analysis comes back over the prescribed limit.

How long do they have to prosecute for driving offence?

What happens if your caught driving on a ban?

Driving whilst disqualified is a very serious offence and one that carries up to 6 months in prison as well as a further period of disqualification. If you have been convicted of disqualified driving before then you are more likely to be sent to prison.