Does Ken Block still do Gymkhana?

Does Ken Block still do Gymkhana?

After over a decade of racing, Gymkhana videos, and one-off drift builds, Ken Block’s partnership with Ford is coming to an end. Ken Block, the 53-year old rally car driver turned Gymkhana drift master, announced he and Ford are parting ways for 2021.

Did Ken Block create Gymkhana?

Block didn’t enjoy much success behind the wheel, but he was steering HRD to commercial success. Hoonigan Media Machine was spun off to create video content, opening a new window to the inner workings of race teams. It is the creator of the Gymkhana Files, a series on stunt driving.

When did Gymkhana 7 release?

HOONIGAN LAUNCHES KEN BLOCK’S GYMKHANA SEVEN: WILD IN THE STREETS OF LOS ANGELES. NOV 17th, Los Angeles, CA: Head Hoonigan In Charge, Ken Block, is proud to announce that his latest installment in the award-winning Gymkhana viral video series has officially launched on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel today.

How much did it cost to make Gymkhana 7?

Gymkhana 7 also boasted a production budget of over $1 million, ponied up by Hoonigan, Ford and video-game maker Need for Speed. To date, the video has racked up more than nine million views. We here at E3 Spark Plugs congratulate Block on his insane success – and urge our fans not to try this at home.

Who will Ken Block drive for next?

Starting this weekend, Block will return to Subaru for the Olympus Rally, 12 years on from his last competitive outing for the brand. The Head Hoonigan In Charge will drive a Vermont SportsCar-built WRX STI alongside long-time co-driver Alex Gelsomino and run by his own Hoonigan Racing Division, with factory support.

Why is Ford and Ken Block parting ways?

The reason for the breakup? One rumor doing the rounds in motoring circles is that Ford had already spent tens of millions of dollars on Block’s colorful antics, but when Block asked them to double that fee, the Blue Oval simply decided to pull the plug.

What car can beat the Hoonicorn?

It Takes a Massive Handicap for the Shelby GT500 to Beat Ken Block’s Hoonicorn in a Drag Race. Even with 760 horsepower on board, the mighty Shelby needs a lot of help to beat the Hoonicorn in a straight line.

How much is Ken Block’s car worth?

Ken Block’s 2016 Ford Focus RS RX Sold for $264,000. Racing driver and drift master Ken Block needs no further introduction. His spectacular stunts and Gymkhana videos have made him a star, just like his many custom-built cars.