Does love bonito have free returns?

Does love bonito have free returns?

1) Drop it off at one of our stores (it’s free)! Return your order at our store*, within 30 days from the delivery/collection date. Store Credit will be added into your account within 14 business days from when we receive your parcel.

How do I cancel my love Bonito order?

Amendments or cancellations can’t be made once your order’s been confirmed! We always want to make sure your order’s delivered to you as quickly as possible, so it’s sent for processing as soon as we confirm it. Amendments or cancellations can’t be made once your order’s been confirmed!

Is love Bonito fast fashion?

Just like Sweden has H&M and America has Forever 21, Love, Bonito is the local version of fast fashion, catering to 20somethings who want trendy wear without having to break the bank. Dresses, shoes and bags in Love, Bonito’s catalogue range between $28 and $89.

Why is it called Love, Bonito?

Originally we were [a fashion blogshop] called BonitoChico, meaning ‘pretty boy’, because chica (meaning girl) didn’t sound as good. But when we became more serious in the business, we found that the name had already been taken and we changed it to Love, Bonito because it reads like a sign-off — “with love”.

Is Love, Bonito a good brand?

Providing high-quality products: Using good materials, Love, Bonito products are high-quality, comparing with other online stores’. The clothes will still look fine with shapes and colors remained even after many washes.

Is Love, Bonito high quality?

Is Love, Bonito a SME?

About the business: Incorporated in 2010, Love, Bonito is an online retail shop selling women’s apparel. The company has won SME Asia Award in 2013/2014 from Asian Business Journal and the Trade & Industry Association.

Is love Bonito a good brand?

How did love Bonito start?

Since the label was first founded as a blogshop called Bonito Chico in 2005 by three friends, including Lim, to earn extra pocket money, the 34-year-old dynamo has been a key driving force in the brand’s evolution.

Who is Rachel Lim husband?

Rachel Lim is married to Leonard Lee, an interior designer. They tied the knot in 2016 at a seaside wedding in Uluwatu, Bali after dating for three years.

How old is Velda Tan?

28-year old
Fashionista. Social media superstar. That’s how most of Singapore sees 28-year old Velda Tan (@belluspuera); founder of Collate the Label.

Who is the CEO of Love, Bonito?

Dione Song
In this instalment, Natasha Meah speaks to Ms Dione Song, the chief executive officer (CEO) of retailer Love, Bonito. Ms Song, 33, joined the company as chief commercial officer in 2017 before being promoted to chief operating officer in 2018.

Where can I Return my Love, Bonito order?

Returns can be done via our return options here. Exchanges can only be made at our retail stores. More details can be found here. Orders made with promo codes are returnable unless stated otherwise in the promo code terms and conditions.

How long does it take to get a refund from Bonito?

After your return’s been confirmed, you’ll be issued a Store Credit equivalent to the purchase price of each returned item. We do not provide cash refunds for any return orders and delivery fees, if any, won’t be refunded. Your return will be processed within 5-7 business days from when we receive it.

Is there a return and exchange policy for Bonito?

Please make sure all items are unworn, unwashed, unaltered and still have their tags intact! See our retail stores’ exchange and refund policy here. We accept returns and exchanges of the following categories: clothing, bags and shoes. Returns can be done via our return options here. Exchanges can only be made at our retail stores.

Is there tracking status for Love, Bonito?

Celebrating the women who forge their own paths with confidence, while inspiring us to move forward in life with hope and strength. Tracking is available for orders with order status “Shipped”. Can’t find what you are looking for?