Does strata cover building damage?

Does strata cover building damage?

As the strata insurance policy is the only policy that the building can be covered, it is therefore appropriate that a claim is made under the strata policy. Damage to contents items such as carpet, furniture etc would need to be claimed on each lot owners contents or landlords insurance policy.

Strata Insurance provides cover for the common or shared property for apartment buildings or flat complexes. Such policies will tend to insure against standard perils such as fire, earthquakes, storm and water damage, accidental damage by tenants, injury to tenants, theft, floods and more.

What happens if a strata unit is not repaired?

Give notice of the complaint that the unit has not been repaired, and if the owner does not take any action, the strata corporation may enforce the bylaws by imposing fines, and may also use the Civil Resolution Tribunal to obtain a decision ordering the owner to repair the strata lot.

Who is responsible for damage to a strata lot?

– In all instances where damage emanates from a Strata Lot to another Strata Lot and/or Common Property, the Strata Corporation may assign “responsibility” for the damage to the suite from where the loss or damage originated and seek reimbursement of the Deductible from that Strata Lot owner.

Who is responsible for maintenance in a strata scheme?

General rules of responsibility for repairs and maintenance in a strata scheme Ceiling – Owners corporation must repair anything in the ceiling. Walls – Owners corporation must repair anything in the boundary walls. The owner must repair walls within the lot. Carpets – The owner must repair and maintain carpets in the lot.

Who is liable for water damage from upstair unit?

I feel either the strata should pay or the owner of the upstairs unit. As the strata insurance company paid for the repair it seems like the strata is liable more than the owner. The strata’s building insurance will only cover damage to the contents of a lot if it was common property that caused the damage. This is the strata’s liability insurance.