How big do Weeping Alaskan cedars get?

How big do Weeping Alaskan cedars get?

In the wild, weeping Alaskan cedars reach up to a whopping 100 feet in height with a width of approximately 20 to 30 feet after decades of growth. But, in garden settings, they tend to top out at around 30 feet in height with a spread equal to half of that.

How do you plant Alaskan weeping cedar?

Plant the Alaskan cedar the same way you plant any tree.

  1. Choose a planting site that receives full sun.
  2. Remove any weeds or other vegetation from the planting site so that the Alaskan cedar won’t need to compete for soil nutrients and moisture.
  3. Dig a hole, using a shovel or, if you have experience with one, a hoedad.

Is there a dwarf weeping Alaskan cedar?

Of all the weeping Alaska cedars, ‘Green Arrow’ offers the most slender girth. Topping out at 20 feet in height and 1 foot wide, you might not consider it dwarf, but it’s super small footprint makes it great for even the tiniest of backyards. The weeping branches have soft foliage with a fan-like appearance.

What is Alaskan cedar?

Alaska cedar in an interesting medium-sized evergreen tree with gray-green to blue-green foliage that droops from widely spaced branches. Native to moist bottomlands in the Pacific Northwest, it needs consistently moist soil. This plant is also known as false cypress.

Can you prune a weeping cedar?

The weeping blue atlas cedar is an unusual evergreen whose drooping branches and waterfall appearance make it an excellent accent tree. Like other evergreens, weeping blue atlas cedars require pruning to remove diseased or damaged branches, to head back new growth and to maintain size (width) and shape.

How do you prune a weeping cedar?

Pruning Alaskan weeping cedars is only required when limbs are damaged, or to contain tree growth.

  1. Examine the tree for any broken limbs and remove them.
  2. Prune off any branches containing yellow or brown needles.
  3. Look at the sides of the tree and prune off any branches that are touching other trees or plants.

How do you prune a weeping Alaskan cedar?

How do you train a weeping cedar?

Train to grow as an arch and drape down to the ground or allow it to grow only sideways to make a wall of cascading blue fountain foliage. To train weeping atlas cedar, a strong stake or support is necessary, plus material to fasten the tree to the support without damaging or girdling the plant.

How tall does a weeping atlas cedar get?

about 15 feet tall
Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar will grow to be about 15 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 30 feet.

Can I cut the top off my cedar tree?

Prune the tree top no more than 1/4 inch off the tree’s height for pyramidal and columnar cedars. If topping your cedar more than 1/4 inch, make sure to place the top branches in an upright position so that the cedar will be able to fill itself in again.

Why do cedar trees turn brown?

Water Stress Causes Cedar Trees to Turn Brown They are at risk of drought stress, especially on well-drained sandy soil. The extreme of really damp soil in the winter months, followed by a warm, arid summer season, is very demanding for the roots. Mulching will help to maintain even dirt moistness.