How do I complain about a real estate agent in Victoria?

How do I complain about a real estate agent in Victoria?

Agent Complaints

  1. We have launched a powerful consumer tool we have launched.
  2. According to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, “Complaints against real estate agents should be directed to the Estate Agents Resolution Service (EARS), Consumer Affairs – telephone 1300 737 030.” (See Consumer Affairs Victoria)

How do I complain about an estate agent?

Making a complaint to the Agent

  1. Tell the Agent why you are unhappy, setting out the act or omission you believe has occurred.
  2. Let the Agent know what you would like them to do to resolve your complaint.
  3. Follow up any conversations in writing, making a note of the date and time and who you spoke to.

Where can I complain about an agency?

Complain to trading standards Local council trading standards departments can investigate complaints about letting agents. You can report a letting agent to trading standards if the agent hasn’t registered with a letting agent redress scheme or their practices appear unfair.

How can I get out of an estate agent contract?

In some cases you can pull out without owing any money, as long as you can prove the buyer was not introduced to you by the estate agency. Other agencies may still insist upon a fee if this is stated in the original agreement.

How do I report a bad letting agent?

If speaking to your letting agent doesn’t help

  1. Step 1: write your letting agent a letter. You can make a written complaint by following your letting agent’s complaints procedure.
  2. Step 2: complain to an independent complaints body.
  3. Step 3: complain to your local council.

What rights do agency workers have after 12 weeks?

After 12 weeks in the same job, agency workers are entitled to equal treatment as if they had been recruited directly by the hirer. This includes key elements of pay, but also other entitlements such as annual leave.

Can you break a contract with an estate agent?

When a contract is signed by a client (the seller) during a visit by the agent to their home, at their work place, away from the agent’s premises or online, then they must be given a right to cancel that contract within 14 calendar days of signing. The client should be given a ‘Notice of Right to Cancel’.

How do you handle a real estate complaint?

let your customers know they can provide feedback or make a complaint. clearly publicising your contact details. keep a record of all formal complaints. make sure your internal systems can cope with the policy and that your staff act promptly to resolve customer complaints.

Are there any legal issues for real estate agents?

With proper education and research, real estate professionals can avoid most legal predicaments but still, agents should always be ready for impact. Here’s a list of the top ten legal issues a real estate agent faces in their work: This is by far the most common legal headache for real estate professionals.

How can I complain about an estate agent in Victoria?

If you are a property buyer, seller or a landlord, you can use this online form to make a formal complaint about a Victorian estate agent. Note: If you are a tenant, view our Resolving renting disputes page.

What to do if you have problems with an estate agent?

Contact the EAC to provide feedback or register your interest in participating in consultations. If you have questions or problems regarding real estate matters, view Housing. If you are a property buyer, seller or landlord and wish to make a complaint about an estate agent, view Estate agent complaint.

What are the rules for estate agents in Victoria?

You must also understand your responsibilities under other laws that set rules for your business – for example, the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012, which applies to all Victorian businesses. You may be penalised for breaches of the Estate Agents Act, Residential Tenancies Act and Sale of Land Act.