How do I complain to nbn?

How do I complain to nbn?

Complain to NBN (phone 1800687626) and make sure you get a complaint reference number. Refer to this complaint reference number in all future communications with ACMA, TIO, Federal MPs, etc.

How do I complain about telco?

Complain to the telecommunications ombudsman

  1. if you are a residential or small business customer.
  2. if you are the account holder, or you have their approval to make the complaint.
  3. what the complaint is about.
  4. the name of the telco and the account number.
  5. any complaint reference number provided by your telco.

Can landlord refuse nbn?

If you want a new connection installed you must have the landlord’s consent. This means the landlord/agent cannot unreasonably refuse consent (see the NSW Fair Trading factsheet ‘Asking to make an alteration’ at

What do I do if my nbn isn’t working?

Turn off power to the nbn™ connection box and contact your phone and internet provider. Alternating red/blue There may be a line fault, such as an off-hook telephone. Disconnect all non-compatible devices from telephone wall sockets. If that doesn’t work, contact your phone and internet provider.

Does nbn call from a private number?

“We urge residents and businesses to be vigilant of callers claiming to be from NBN Co requesting personal or financial information. We will never make unsolicited calls or door knock to sell broadband services to the public.

Why does NBN keep dropping out?

Internal wiring can cause dropouts and a potential massive loss in speed. Your connection will improve with the additional points removed. If the dropouts persist through a stability profile, another router, and fixing internal cabling, then there is likely an issue with the line that nbn™ need to investigate.

posting mail to Locked Bag 27, Gold Coast MC, 9726, or • calling 1800 687 626 between 8am and 7pm EST Monday to Friday. When you contact nbn via our webpage, our preference is to respond to you via email in the first instance.

Who is responsible for the nbn?

NBN Co Ltd (NBN Co) is the wholesale provider of the National Broadband Network (NBN) infrastructure. It’s responsible for the design, construction and operation of the infrastructure and sells products and services to approved providers. NBN Co does not supply retail services directly to the public.

How do I report nbn cable damage?

Home Internet & nbn Important: DO NOT touch damaged equipment. To report equipment that is a threat to public safety: Remove yourself and others from immediate danger. Call 1800 505 777.

How do I complain to the nbn speed?

This is the first step.

  1. Contact Telstra on the Consumer hotline on 1800 236 459 or the Small Business hotline on 1800 639 070.
  2. Contact Belong on 1800 118 214.

Does nbn have phone customers?

nbn is a ‘wholesaler’, we do not sell phone or internet services directly to the public. An nbn™ powered plan must be purchased through a phone or internet provider.

2. Try these troubleshooting steps

  1. Make sure all your phone handsets are properly hung up.
  2. Make sure your phone cable is plugged into your modem or nbn Connection Box.
  3. Make sure both ends of the phone cable are securely connected.
  4. Make sure your nbn Connection Box, modem and phone all have power.

How do I know if nbn is working?

To check the status of the NBN in your area, enter your address in the check your address tool on the nbn website. If you’re in a fixed wireless or satellite area, you’re not required to connect to the NBN as Telstra will continue to maintain its network in these areas.

How can I make a complaint about NBN?

Report or make a complaint about nbn™ supplied equipment installation and workmanship Make a complaint for issues like our land access processes or our handling of a health and safety concern Contact nbn by phone Freecall 1800 687 626

What do you need to know about NBN Co?

NBN Co is building the NBN and the technology that connects it to your premises. You should contact NBN Co for issues relating to the damage or location of NBN equipment. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) provides a dispute resolution service. The TIO has the power to help deal with complaints you have about a telco.

Do you need to talk to your NBN provider?

Please note that results provide general information only. nbn is a wholesaler so in most cases you will need to speak with your phone and internet provider if you have a query. As nbn is a wholesaler, you will need to talk to your provider in relation to the issues listed above.

How to report a health and safety issue to NBN?

Contact nbn If you are medically vulnerable or want to report a health and safety issue, please call us directly on 1800 687 626. Contact nbn online to Check an existing enquiry