How do I contact marmot?

How do I contact marmot?

1 (888) 357-3262
Marmot/Customer service

Where is Marmot company located?

Rohnert Park
Marmot (company)

Formerly Marmot Mountain Works
Headquarters Rohnert Park, California
Key people Mark Martin
Products Clothing
Parent Newell Brands

What company owns marmot?

Newell Brands
Marmot/Parent organizations

Does Marmot use ethical down?

Marmot’s Animal Rights Policy We believe in the humane treatment of animals. We do not use down provided by “live pluck” operations. We only use down provided after geese have been harvested for food. Our vendors are required to certify that they are complying with our animal rights policy.

What type of down does Marmot use?

Warm as 700-Fill-Power Down Scientifically engineered with 3M Thinsulate™ to replace natural down, it traps body heat and releases moisture with the optimal warmth-to-weight ratio.

Is Marmot a good make?

As for their manufacturing process, Marmot are also renowned for the very well-made products, especially their jackets, which have a long-lasting wear time and also perform as new for several seasons.

Is down cruel to animals?

Down With Down Although most down is removed from ducks and geese during slaughter, birds in breeding flocks and those raised for meat and foie gras may endure the trauma of plucking every six weeks before they are eventually killed. But no matter where it comes from, down is a product of cruelty to animals.

Do you need to register your product with marmot?

With Marmot, you do not need to register your product. You are covered from the moment you purchase our apparel or equipment. If you have a tag on your product directing you to our site to register, you no longer need to do so. We are phasing those tags out and you can rest assured, you are covered.

How big of a file do I need to upload to Marmot?

Use up/down arrow keys to navigate between the options.Touch devices users use touch & swipe gestures. Upload File size should not exceed 3 MB and file format should be PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF.

Is it possible for a marmot to break down?

We know you love your Marmot apparel and equipment, but regardless of how carefully you use and care for your gear it may eventually begin to experience natural break down of materials and show wear.

Where is Marmot Mountain in Brampton, Ontario?

By submitting your email address above you agree that Marmot Mountain may send you emails relating to the Marmot brand about promotions, events, special offers and surveys. You may unsubscribe at any time. 6655 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, or for Canadian residents, 20B Hereford Street, Brampton, ON L6Y 0M1, Call 1-877-804-5383.