How do I email NSW voucher?

How do I email NSW voucher?

Download or open the Service NSW app on your smartphone. You’ll be prompted to register or log in to your MyServiceNSW Account. Click on ‘Vouchers’ and follow the prompts. You’ll receive a confirmation email if you’re successful.

How do I redeem my NSW voucher?

How do I redeem my Dine & Discover NSW vouchers online?

  1. Select your movie session, seat and/or food and beverage items through the Event Cinemas website or mobile app.
  2. Proceed to the payment section.
  3. Once payment is accepted and processed you will be sent a booking confirmation of your order to the email selected.

Who is eligible for NSW Vouchers?

All NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 4 x $25 vouchers, worth $100 in total.

How do I print my NSW service voucher?

You’ll also receive an email from Service NSW with the vouchers available to download and print.

  1. Find a participating business.
  2. Log in to the Service NSW App on your mobile device.
  3. Select ‘Vouchers’.
  4. Select the valid voucher you wish to use.
  5. Present the voucher QR code for the business to scan at payment.

How do I access my NSW vouchers?

Log in to the Service NSW App on your mobile device. Select ‘Vouchers’. Select the valid voucher you wish to use. Present the voucher QR code for the business to scan at payment.

Which restaurants accept NSW vouchers?

Here are all the restaurants across Sydney that were accepting Dine & Discover vouchers:

  • Albion Hotel, Parramatta**
  • Anason, CBD.
  • Aria, CBD**
  • Bank Hotel, Newtown**
  • Banksii Vermouth Bar & Bistro, Barangaroo.
  • Barangaroo House, Barangaroo**
  • Bar 83, Sydney Tower.
  • Bea, Barangaroo**

Can I use my dine and discover vouchers at mcdonalds?

The four $25 vouchers can be used on entertainment such as going to the movies or dining out. However, the decision to include fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, which recorded large spikes in profits in 2020 has upset small operators.

What restaurants accept the NSW vouchers?

Can you use NSW vouchers at mcdonalds?

FREE MCDONALD’S: Fast-food giants join NSW voucher scheme Adults living in NSW will be able to spend their $50 food vouchers on fast-food giants such as McDonald’s and Subway within weeks, despite the fact that the fast-food chains made big profits during the pandemic.

Can I use Dine and Discover vouchers at mcdonalds?

Can I use NSW vouchers at KFC?

Movie snacks, Hungry Jack’s burgers and fried chicken from KFC have been revealed as the top choices for NSW residents using government restaurant vouchers to pay for food.

How do I make my Centrelink payments weekly?

Apply at any time over the phone or at a service centre You can apply for weekly payments at any time if you’re already getting a payment from us. You can also apply if you’re making a new claim for an income support payment and you can’t apply online. You can either: call us on your regular payment line.