How do I find law review articles?

How do I find law review articles?

Law review, or law journal, articles can be found in multiple places, including online databases and print copies within the Law Library’s collection. The main online databases useful for locating law review articles are Westlaw, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline.

How do I find a law journal?

Use Westlaw to search for articles in law reviews and other law journals. In the Browse box, under All Content, click on Secondary Sources. In the left hand facets, find the Publication Type box. Within the box, select Law Reviews and Journals.

What is a law review article?

Law reviews are scholarly publications, usually edited by law students in conjunction with faculty members. They contain both lengthy articles and shorter essays by professors and lawyers, as well as comments, notes, or developments in the law written by students.

Are law review articles free?

The Law Review Commons provides access to free current issues and archives from 1852 for over 200 open access law reviews. You may browse by title, by subject, and by sub-disciplines in law. You may also search for articles in the Law Review Commons or search the entire Digital Commons Network.

Is Law Review a big deal?

Law Review is a lot of work and a huge consumption of time, but it is also the single biggest resume booster, after grades, that you can have. Membership on any journal is a good thing, but Law Review is the most prestigious and has the best chances of separating you from other job applicants.

How long is a law review article?

The vast majority of law review articles can effectively convey their arguments within the range of 40-70 law review pages, and any impression that law reviews only publish or strongly prefer lengthier articles should be dispelled.

How do I find law review articles on Lexis?

LexisNexis. Type the citation into the search bar on the main page. On the main search page, select “Law Reviews & Journals” under Secondary Materials. You can then search the database of combined law reviews and journals, or drill down further to search individual titles.

How do I search for a database in Westlaw?

SELECTING DATABASES IN THE WESTLAW DIRECTORY Browse the directory by clinking the links in the right frame. You can also use the Search feature to search for a specific database. Type one or more terms, e.g., ohio statutes, in the Search the Westlaw Directory text box and click Search.

How do I submit a legal article?

Articles should be submitted electronically via the Submit Form: Please note that the Journal will not accept submissions of articles received by any other means.

When should I submit to a law review?

There is no hard science behind when to submit to law reviews. However, our submission season data does point to two peak periods: February through April. August through October.

Is it important to be on law review?

Being a member of Law Review is seen as a high honor for law students, and a coveted credential that is looked for by future employers. Private and public interest law firms often expect to see journal membership on your resumé, and judicial clerkships practically require it.