How do I find out my court date in Phoenix AZ?

How do I find out my court date in Phoenix AZ?

When is my court date? Check the citation or call Court Information ​at (602) 262-6421.

Can you watch court trials online?

Access for All A person who wishes to observe a court in session may check the court calendar online or at the courthouse and watch a proceeding. Court dockets and some case files are available on the Internet through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system (PACER), at

When can you use a simple summons?

A simple summons is used usually where the quantum is already determined or can be easily ascertainable usually without leading evidence. Rule 2(b) provides that where a claim is for a debt or liquidated demand a simple summons (Form 2 of Annexure 1) may be used.

How long does a hearing last?

Hearings rarely last more than 30 minutes. They take place in a courtroom open to the public; expect other people, including those waiting for their own hearings, to be watching. A hearing typically begins with procedural information from the judge.

What Circuit court is Arizona in?

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has jurisdiction over the district courts in the following districts: District of Alaska. District of Arizona.

How long do warrants last in Arizona?

How long is a warrant in effect? An arrest warrant stays in effect indefinitely until the individual is arrested. The warrant can only be resolved, “quashed or cancelled”, by the issuing court.

How do you watch a zoom court hearing?

To appear by Zoom you must have access to one of the following: a computer, a laptop, a tablet (such as IPAD), a smart phone. Your device must have a microphone, and it is best if it has a camera. It must have access to the internet. To attend a hearing by Zoom, go to

Where can I watch the Derek Chauvin trial?

You can also stream the trial coverage from cable or broadcast news websites or apps. Streaming links: NBC News Now, ABC News Live, CBS News Live, CNN News Stream, Fox News Go and

What is a court summons called?

A summons or subpoena is an official court document. In fact, the term “subpoena” comes from the Latin for “under penalty.” You must respond to a summons or a subpoena as required and by the deadline required.

Is a simple summons a pleading?

It follows plainly that a simple summons does not have to comply with Rule 18(4). The logical inference to be drawn from the fact that it does not need to comply with the fundamental rules governing pleadings is that this is so because it is not a pleading.

What’s the difference between a hearing and a trial?

In law, a trial and a hearing are different. A hearing is a procedure before a court or any decision-making body or any higher authority. Trials happen when the parties in a dispute come together to present their evidentiary information before an authority or a court.

How long are sentencing hearings?

If there is a complete agreement between the parties as to what the sentence will be, then the sentencing hearing takes five minutes. If there is no agreement and there are arguments being made on both sides, then the judge has to make the decision.

What are the 8 stages of a criminal trial?

Learn how your criminal defense attorney can help you at each of the 8 key steps in your case.

  • Arrest. If a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe you have committed a crime, they may arrest you.
  • Bail.
  • Formal Charges.
  • Investigation and Discovery.
  • Motions.
  • Negotiation and Settlement.
  • Trial.
  • Sentencing.