How do I fix code P0404?

How do I fix code P0404?

What repairs can fix the P0404 code?

  1. Replacing the EGR valve if it stuck partly open from carbon buildup in the pintle area and cannot be cleaned.
  2. Replacing the EGR position sensor if it is determined that it cannot give a correct input reading to the ECM when moved manually.

What does diagnostic code P0404 mean?

When P0404 is triggered, it means that the PCM has been told that the valve is performing in a way that is outside of its specified parameters. More specifically, the PCM has been told that the valve is closed when it should be open, or vice-versa.

What does exhaust gas recirculation control circuit range performance mean?

OBD-II Code P0404 is defined as a Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Range/Performance. NOx gases, which cause acid rain and respiratory problems, are formed when the engine’s combustion temperature is too high (2500° F). EGR systems are used to reduce the combustion temperature, thus reducing NOx formation.

What happens if you unplug EGR valve?

If you unplug it, while the truck is off, then the EGR will stay closed. If the EGR valve is clogged or completely blocked off it can longer re-burn harmful emissions in the combustion chamber. You’re now sending the exhaust gas away from the engine when using an EGR delete kit, which means it begins to run cleaner.

Can you still drive with a bad EGR valve?

Can I drive with a bad EGR valve? Technically, you can drive your vehicle with a bad EGR valve, but your vehicle will run rough, shake at idle, and a check engine light will be illuminated. You might also hear popping sounds while driving down the road.

What are symptoms of EGR failure?

What are the symptoms of a failing EGR valve? A faulty EGR valve can cause problems with the flow and operation of the EGR system leading to performance issues including a reduction in power, reduced acceleration and decreased fuel efficiency. It can also cause vehicle emissions to increase.

What is the meaning of the code p0404?

Code P0404 Definition. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Range/Performance.

Is the p0404 valve on my Malibu gone?

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu LS with the 3.1L V6 engine. I had a p0404 code and when I did my tune-up recently, I went ahead and replaced the EGR valve. However, after two days of normal driving (approx. 70mi each day), the code has not gone away.

How much does it cost to repair a p0404 Dodge?

The cost of diagnosing the P0404 DODGE code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair’s diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle’s make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour. When is the code detected?

What kind of EGR valve does a p0404 have?

If you have a P0404, then the EGR valve is likely an electrically controlled EGR valve instead of a vacuum controlled EGR valve. Also, the valve will usually have a feedback system built into it that informs the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) what position the valve is in; open, closed, or somewhere in between.