How do I get married in Spain?

How do I get married in Spain?

You’ll usually need the following documentation to get married in Spain:

  1. Long form birth certificate, notarised and translated into Spanish.
  2. Valid passport and at least four copies – to be used when you apply for the Empadronmiento, Residencia and file for the marriage.

Who can marry you in Spain?

In Spain, it is possible to arrange civil and religious marriages between foreigners or a foreigner and a Spanish national provided you do your paperwork first. In addition, the Spanish government is working on agreements with major non-Catholic faiths in terms of accepting their religious marriage ceremonies.

Where can I get married in Spain?

Wedding ceremonies in Spain A civil marriage can be held in the Registry office, in the local town hall or in a notary office if you choose to officially tie the knot before the big day. The marriage is effective immediately following the ceremony.

How do I get a marriage certificate from Spain?

It is possible to order copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates online from Spain through the website of the Ministry of Justice (Ministerio de Justicia). To order copies of these vital records click on the corresponding link below: Birth Certificate or Certificado de Nacimiento.

How much is it to get married in Spain?

Spanish weddings: average cost in 2021 The price of a wedding can vary greatly and is highly conditioned by the future new weds’ financial means or their taste. Thus, the price of a wedding in Spain could potentially balloon up to 32 thousand euros and go as down as 12 thousand euros.

Can Brits get married in Spain?

Essential Facts. As a non-national, there are only two ways you can be legally married in Spain: Getting married through the Catholic Church. Civil ceremony if you or your partner have been a Spanish resident for at least 2 years.

How do I register my marriage abroad in Spain?

When Spanish nationals marry abroad, either another Spanish national or a foreign citizen, they must subsequently register the marriage in the consular registry office nearest the place where the marriage took place. There is no time limit for registering a marriage with the consular registry office.

How do I order a birth certificate from Spain?

Yes, you have a Spanish Birth Certificate. You can request it from the General Consulate of Spain in the place where you were born. This can be done on the website from the ”Ministerio de Justicia” (Ministry of Justice).

Can I move to Spain with my Spanish partner?

Basically, this right applies to spouses and registered civil unions that start living with their Spanish or EU partner in Spain for a period of time longer than 3 months. They can apply for a residence and work authorization that will enable them to work in Spain under the same conditions as any other EU citizen.

Is it cheaper to get married in Spain?

The cost of an average wedding in Spain is 16,500 euro, this figure is only half of a wedding’s expenses organized in the United States, where you might have to fork out the equivalent of 30,000 euros for similar services. The wedding season is usually between May and October, with peaks in June and September.

Who pays for a wedding in Spain?

In Spain, these costs are handled by various sponsors, often godparents who are honored during the ceremony for their contributions. In Korea, the bride and her family pay for the cost of the wedding.

Do I need to register my marriage in Spain?

You have to register your marriage in Spain when the marriage was celebrated abroad, between a Spanish citizen and a foreigner, two Spanish citizens or if you acquired the Spanish nationality.