How do I insert emoticons in Lotus Notes?

How do I insert emoticons in Lotus Notes?

Launch Lotus Notes. Click “File” and “Preferences.” Expand the “Sametime” button by clicking the “+” sign. Click “Emoticon Palettes.” Select the palette that you want. Import and save the palette.

How do you type Emojis in notes?

Quickly add emoji to notes

  1. Type a colon (:) anywhere in a note.
  2. Type a couple letters of a feeling or object (try :laugh or :food or :work to get 😆 🥘 👩🏻‍⚕️)
  3. Emoji Autocomplete will suggest emoji.
  4. Tap or click the one you want. If a physical keyboard is available, you can use arrow keys and Return to select a suggestion.

Where are Sametime emoticons stored?

The palette data and image files are stored on your local drive; the location of the stored files varies by Sametime client type (Connect or embedded) and version. The relevant subdirectory, which will be a subdirectory of the main program directory, is plugins\com. ibm.

How do I put Emojis on my messages?

Tap a text box such as a texting conversation or Compose Tweet to open the keyboard. Tap the smiley face symbol next to the space bar. Tap the Smileys and Emotions tab of the emoji picker (the smiley face icon).

How do I add Emojis to my library?

Step 1: To activate, open your Settings menu and tap on System > Language & Input. Step 2: Under Keyboard, select On-screen Keyboard > Gboard (or your default keyboard). Step 3: Tap on Preferences and turn on the Show Emoji-switch Key option.

How do I get special Emojis?

How do I add gifs to IBM Notes Sametime?

Click on the “Picture” option and then choose “GIF” from the pull-down menu. Go to the folder location of the animated GIF that you want to embed in the email. Click and highlight the file. Click the “Import” button to add the animated GIF.

How do I insert a sad face in Excel?

The steps to insert smiley face are very simple.

  1. Select a cell where you want to insert a smiley face.
  2. Change the font into “Wingdings”.
  3. Input the uppercase letter “J” into the cell. And then you will find that the letter automatically changes into a smiley face.

How do I get Emojis on Windows 10?

Windows 10 keyboard tips and tricks

  1. During text entry, type Windows logo key + . (period). The emoji keyboard will appear.
  2. Select an emoji with the mouse, or keep typing to search through the available emojis for one you like.

How do I activate emoji keyboard?

You’ll want to go to Settings > General, then scroll down and tap on Keyboard. Below a handful of toggle settings like Auto-Capitalization is the Keyboards setting. Tap that, then tap “Add New Keyboard.” There, sandwiched between non-English language keyboards is the Emoji keyboard. Select it.