How do I punish my child for nothing work?

How do I punish my child for nothing work?

10 Healthy Discipline Strategies That Work

  1. Show and tell. Teach children right from wrong with calm words and actions.
  2. Set limits.
  3. Give consequences.
  4. Hear them out.
  5. Give them your attention.
  6. Catch them being good.
  7. Know when not to respond.
  8. Be prepared for trouble.

Why last child is not working?

3 Answers. The last-child selector is used to select the last child element of a parent. But the following selector would not work for your markup because the last-child does not have the class=’complete’ even though it is an li .

What is the ignore technique?

Think of ignoring as the opposite of paying attention. When you ignore your child, you do not neglect him or stand by while he misbehaves. Instead, you take all your attention away from your child and his behavior. Ignoring usually helps stop behaviors that your child is using to get your attention.

What is not (: last child?

This article explains the :not(:last-child):after selector. This selector does not select the element after the last child element. It is mostly used to add the content after every child element except the last. Example 1: This example creates a simple div element.

What nth last child?

The :nth-last-child selector allows you select one or more elements based on their source order, according to a formula. It is defined in the CSS Selectors Level 3 spec as a “structural pseudo-class”, meaning it is used to style content based on its relationship with parent and sibling elements.

Is it OK to give your child the silent treatment?

The silent treatment can be a viable form of discipline if it’s done with intention and in the service of behavior modification and self-preservation. And, yes, that assertion can feel at odds with parenting styles that place an emphasis on hovering or yelling to keep kids in line. But that’s kind of the point.

What to do when my child ignores me?

7 Things You Should Do When Your Child Ignores You

  1. Eliminate Distractions. Jamie Grill Photography / Getty Images.
  2. Request Repetition. Ensure that your child understands what you said by asking them to repeat back your instructions.
  3. Give One Warning.
  4. Follow Through.
  5. Create a Plan.
  6. Avoid Traps.

What are good excuses for not going to school?

Best Excuses for Missing School

  • Doctor or dentist appointment. Most of the time, appointments to medical practitioners are often booked up to weeks on end.
  • Illness. Typically, we would want to avoid sick people.
  • Food Poisoning.
  • Medical Procedures or Medical Tests.
  • Migraine.
  • Car Troubles.
  • Traffic Jam.
  • No Conveyance.

Is smacking your child okay?

Smacking isn’t good for children’s wellbeing and doesn’t help them learn to follow rules. Give your child opportunities to behave well, and use consequences for children over three years old. Learning to manage your own strong feelings can help you avoid hurting your child. Get help if you need it.

How do you deal with an angry and disrespectful child?

5 Ways to Handle Disrespectful Behavior From Children

  1. Ignore Attention-Seeking Behavior.
  2. Use When/Then Statements.
  3. Provide an Immediate Consequence.
  4. Use Restitution.

What is last child?

:last-child is a pseudo-class which selects the target element if it is the last child of some other element. That is, :last-child will match the element only if it is the last child of its parent.

How do you write CSS in last child?

CSS :nth-last-child() Selector

  1. Specify a background color for every

    element that is the second child of its parent, counting from the last child: p:nth-last-child(2) {

  2. Odd and even are keywords that can be used to match child elements whose index is odd or even.
  3. Using a formula (an + b).