How do I renew my Philippine passport in Australia?

How do I renew my Philippine passport in Australia?


  1. Personal appearance.
  2. Duly accomplished application form.
  3. No need to submit a passport size photo.
  4. Most recent expiring or expired passport (original and photocopy of bio data page)
  5. Photocopy of Australian visa page or Visa Grant Notice or VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online)

Can I renew my Philippine passport in Melbourne?

Filipinos with passport validity of less than six months or whose passports have expired can apply for passport renewal at the Philippine Embassy in Canberra, the Philippine Consulate General in Sydney or the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne if travel regulations allow.

Can you renew your Philippine Passport online?

SECURE AN ONLINE APPOINTMENT Below are the steps for securing the online appointment for Philippine passport renewal in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Go to the E-passport appointment portal on the embassy/consulate website. Register your account on the website. Complete the online form and make an appointment.

How much is the renewal of passport in Philippines?

How much does a passport renewal in the Philippines cost? It costs 110 USD.

How long does it take to get a Philippine passport renewal?

The renewal processing time takes 10 weeks, so it is recommended to renew before a Philippines-issued passport is eight months from its expiration date. The procedure requires a personal appearance with certain documents in hand, including a completed application and a current passport.

How can you renew a Philippine passport?

How to Renew Philippine Passport 2019 Step 1. Set an Online Appointment Step 2. Go to the DFA Office Step 3. Get a Queue Number Step 4. Documents Checking Step 5. Pay for the Processing Fee

Where can I renew my Philippines passport?

If you’re a Filipino citizen in the United States, you can renew your passport at the Philippine Consulate General office in Los Angeles. The Philippines’ embassy to the United States is in Washington D.C., but the country operates 10 consulates across the country to assist its citizens.

Where should I send my passport renewal application?

Most people can renew a passport application by mail using form DS-82. You fill it out at home, enclose your old passport and a check for the fee, then go to the post office to mail it to the State Department.