How do I request a refund from Royal Caribbean?

How do I request a refund from Royal Caribbean?

If you booked through a travel agent, my advice is contact them and ask them to do it for you. Alternatively, Royal Caribbean provides a self-service form that you can fill out and submit your refund request….You will need a few details to complete the self-service request:

  1. Booking ID.
  2. Ship.
  3. Sail Date.
  4. Last Name.

How do I contact Royal Caribbean for a refund?

Contacting Royal Caribbean directly If you want to cancel, request a refund, or rebook under Lift & Shift, use the online form to process it. You can always call Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society number at 800-526-9723 to also get updates and questions answered.

Can I get a refund on my holiday if its on the amber list?

You’re not entitled to a refund if the destination you’re travelling to ends up on the amber list and you cancel your trip. The Government’s traffic light system indicates what countries it deems safe for Brits to travel to and what processes must be followed upon return.

How does Royal Caribbean refundable deposit work?

A refundable cruise fare is a booking made in which if the sailing is canceled prior to the final payment date, Royal Caribbean will issue a full refund of any deposit/money paid towards that reservation.

Can you get your deposit back from a cruise?

Is my cruise deposit always refundable? No. For most cruise lines, as long as you cancel before your final payment date, there is no penalty. After final payment, you will lose your deposit or the deposit and a portion of your cruise fare, depending on when you cancel in relation to your sail date.

What are my rights if TUI cancel my holiday?

Once your booking has been cancelled you can expect to receive a cancellation invoice within 14 days. These charges are based on how many days before your booked departure we receive your cancellation notice, and are a percentage of the total cost of your booking, not including your insurance premium.