How do I return my online order?

How do I return my online order?

Returning Online Purchases: Go to the online site where you purchased your merchandise. Find and read the return policy. Most online stores will only accept returns of unused and unopened items. If it is clothing, you must keep the tags on the clothing in order to return the purchase.

Where do returned items go?

About a quarter of items are returned to the manufacturer. Others go to secondary retailers. But many returns are sold for pennies on the dollar to liquidators and discounters before ending up at regional wholesalers, who send the goods to pawn shops, dollar stores or even out of the country.

How do I return products?

Return an item purchased in-store directly to the store in which it was purchased. Choose to return an item purchased online to the store or through the online shipping method. Returning an online item to the store will reduce wait times for your refund or exchange. Replace the item in its original packaging.

How do I return a transaction?

Search for the Transaction

  1. Click Return Item in the Register Sale menu.
  2. If you are prompted for customer information, enter the customer information. See Figure 3-1.
  3. Click Process.
  4. Select the customer from the list.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Yes.
  7. Enter search information for the transaction and click Process.
  8. Click Process.

What is the difference between a void and a refund?

Refunding a transaction returns money back to a customer’s credit card; it takes three to five business days for the transfer to complete. A void transaction cancels the original transaction as if it never happened and needs one to 3 business days to take effect.

What percentage of items are returned?

About 5 to 10 percent of in-store purchases are returned. But that rises to 15 to 40 percent for online purchases, according to David Sobie, co-founder and CEO of Happy Returns.