How do you answer a literature essay question?

How do you answer a literature essay question?

Therefore, to successfully respond to literature questions, the following things should be taken into consideration at least as the first step to start with:a) Read the question carefully.b) Paraphrase the question.c) Pay attention to key words in the question.d) Write an outline of your answer.

Why do we use prompts?

Summary: The purpose of using prompts in the classroom is to assist students in making the correct response. The level of prompt that the student receives is contingent on their skill acquisition level. It is important to remember to fade the prompts as the student becomes more independent.

What is a prompt message?

1 performed or executed without delay. 2 quick or ready to act or respond.

What is prompt reply mean?

(a) prompt (response, reply): (a) swift, quick, efficient, speedy, immediate (response, reply) adjective. I would appreciate a prompt reply so that I can take action immediately. I expect a reply within the next day.

How do you thank someone for a prompt response?

Thank you for your prompt reply When a client or colleague replies to a previous email in a short amount of time, let them know and thank them. If the reply wasn’t quick, simply removing “prompt” will work, or, you can opt for, “Thank you for getting back to me.”