How do you ask a question about a place?

How do you ask a question about a place?

You can ask or answer questions from search on any device, and from Google Maps….In Google Search

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google.
  2. Search for a place or city.
  3. Scroll down to the “Questions & answers” section.
  4. To ask a new question, tap Ask the community.

What do you say when you don’t know the answer to a question?

Repeat or paraphrase the question out loud.

  • Ask clarifying questions.
  • Admit you don’t know the full answer.
  • Provide what information you do have.
  • Promise you will find the answer and come back to the questioner.
  • Ask the questioner how to best reach him, if you don’t know how.
  • Ask the group to continue the presentation.

    What do you do if you didn’t know the answer to a question asked by your team?

    What You Should Do If You’re Stumped During an Interview

    • Calm down. First of all, the most important thing to do is stay calm.
    • Don’t say, “I don’t know,” off the bat.
    • Ask questions.
    • Tell your interviewer what you do know.
    • Tell them how you would find the answer.
    • Know the right time to come clean.
    • Send a follow-up email.

    How do you professionally answer a question you don’t know?

    Instead, try these four ways to answer difficult and unexpected questions without sounding incompetent and clueless.

    1. Answer From Your Own Level.
    2. Project Your Answer Into The Future.
    3. Use Questions About Others To Share Your Own Views.
    4. Show Gratitude For Questions You Can’t Answer.

    Can I ask you some question Google?

    Ask a question On your computer, open Google. Search for a place. Under the information card for the place on the right side, click “Ask a question” next to the “Questions & answers” section.

    Why is C the most common answer?

    The idea that C is the best answer to choose when guess-answering a question on a multiple choice test rests on the premise that ACT answer choices are not truly randomized. In other words, the implication is that answer choice C is correct more often than any other answer choice.

    How do I ask Google to identify a picture?

    First, snap a photo of whatever you want to identify. Then open the Google Photos app, select that photo, and tap the Google Lens icon. From there, you should be able to access all of the tools and features mentioned above on your Android phone.

    What are the 5 WH questions?

    What are the 5 Ws?

    • Who is it about?
    • What happened?
    • When did it take place?
    • Where did it take place?
    • Why did it happen?

    Is C the most common SAT answer?

    In other words? There is no most common answer on the SAT. Ultimately, guessing C (or any letter!) will give you the correct answer only a statistical 25% of the time. Which means it’s NOT true that choosing C will give you a better rate of success than choosing any other letter for your blind guessing.

    How do you guess MCQS?

    MCQ Hacks

    1. The Golden Rule of Guessing:
    2. Questions with options like “All of these”/ “None of these”:
    3. Avoid the extremes if the answer is number-based:
    4. Check the dimensions:
    5. When Two Choices Have Words That Sound Similar, Pay Close Attention To Them:
    6. When Two Choices Are Complete Opposites, One of Them is Probably Right:

    What can I say instead of no?

    1) Rephrase your request in a positive way: Instead of saying, “No, don’t run,” try, “Please walk inside.” Instead of “No, don’t touch!” try, “You want to touch the lamp, but it might fall and break.