How do you cite a poem in an essay APA?

How do you cite a poem in an essay APA?

As such, to quote a poem, you should:Place the quoted text within quotation marks.Cite the author’s surname and year of publication in brackets.If available, include a page number for the quoted passage.

How do you cite a stanza in a poem?

Apply a parenthetical citation after the quotation marks that denotes the stanza number first, and then the line within that stanza. For example “(3.4)” would denote that you found this line in the fourth line of the third stanza.

How do you cite Paradise Lost in text?

[city of publication:] [publisher,] [year of publication]. [medium. ] Milton, John. Paradise Lost.

How do you cite a sonnet in an essay?

Begin with the poet’s last name (comma), then the first name (period) to create a Works Cited entry. Follow it with the name of the sonnet in quotation marks (period inside) and the anthology or book title in italics (period), followed by the book’s edition (period).

How do you cite a untitled poem?

The MLA Handbook explains that when you refer to an untitled poem known by its first line, you should style the line the way it is shown in the source (68). This guideline applies both to the text and the works-cited list: Dickinson’s poem “I heard a Fly buzz—when I died—” contrasts the everyday and the momentous.