How do you list multiple internships on resume?

How do you list multiple internships on resume?

Internships Section: If you have held multiple internships, you can include a separate “Internships” section on your resume. Put this section towards the top of your resume. Put your “Internships” section above your “Work History” section if your internships are particularly relevant to the job you are applying for.

What are the different kind of internships that are possible?

A Quick and Easy Guide to the 7 Types of Internships

  • Paid Internships.
  • Internships for college credit.
  • Summer Internships.
  • Nonprofit Internships.
  • Co-Op (Cooperative Education)
  • Externships.
  • Service Learning.

What do psychologist interns do?

Psychology Intern Job Description Performs supervised individual and group counseling, supervision, crisis intervention, and consultation/outreach. Work is supervised by professional staff, and individual clinical work is supervised by a licensed psychologist.

Should you list internships on resume?

In short, you should include internships on your resume because they’re part of your work experience. “They’re looking for potential.” And internships can be a great barometer for professional potential, since they resemble the kind of work and environment of a full-time job more than your coursework or hobbies.

Which fields are best for internship?


  • BUSINESS OPERATIONS (Internship postings: 58,949)
  • MARKETING (35,498)
  • ENGINEERING (33,116)
  • DATA ANALYTICS (26,438)
  • FINANCE (26,257)
  • I.T. DEVELOPMENT (26,227)

Do internships count as jobs?

According to, internships, even short ones and unpaid ones, are a form of employment. They provide essential experience and should be included on your resume.

Which internship is best for CSE students?

Best Computer Science Internships

  • Front End Engineering Intern.
  • Backend Engineering Intern.
  • Data Scientist Intern.
  • Product Management Intern.
  • Mobile Technology Engineering Intern.