How do you make a balloon car out of a plastic bottle?

How do you make a balloon car out of a plastic bottle?


  1. Put your car down on a flat surface and give it a good push.
  2. Tape the neck of the balloon around one end of the other straw.
  3. Cut a small hole in the top of the water bottle, just big enough to push the straw through.
  4. Push the free end of the straw through the hole and out the mouth of the bottle.

How do you build a balloon car?

Method 3 of 3: Building A Water Bottle Balloon Car

  1. Clean out a plastic bottle.
  2. Cut two pieces of straws the width as your bottle.
  3. Tape the straws to the side of the bottle.
  4. Cut two skewers down to make the axels.
  5. Slide the skewers into the straws.
  6. Make some wheels.
  7. Attach the wheels.

Why does a balloon car move?

In the case of the balloon-powered race car, the action is the air rushing from the straw and pushing against the air behind the car. The reaction is the air behind the car pushing against the car with the same force, causing the forward movement of the car.

What forces act on a balloon car?

What forces are acting on the balloon rocket car? There are two main forces acting on the balloon rocket car: Friction and Air resistance. The friction force is the resistance between two objects sliding against each other.

How does Newton’s third law apply to a balloon car?

Balloon cars rely on Newton’s Third Law of Motion . As the air rushes backward out of the balloon it pushes the car forward in the opposite direction with an equal force.

Why does a balloon car work?

When you blow up a balloon, set your racer down and then let it go, the escaping air from the balloon rushes out of the straw. As the air flows from the balloon, the energy changes to kinetic energy (or the energy of motion). The moving balloon-powered car uses kinetic energy.

What is the fastest balloon car?

The two fastest cars, DD Mean Machine and Latexpress, were propeller-driven using wound-up (twisted, not stretched) balloons. The Dream Roller had the highest (mass)(distance) product.

Why is my balloon powered car not moving?

There are many reasons that cause your own car not to get in motion, which includes: particularly if its axles are not parallel or the wheels wobble, your balloon may not be thoroughly attached to the straw, the balloon may not sat on the car when inflated instead on the floor, too much friction can cause the wheels to …

What happens if you inflate the balloon more?

When you inflate a balloon, you’re actually putting gases, in this case mostly helium, into an elastic container. As you add more gas, the pressure inside the balloon increases, and in response, the balloon expands… As you go higher into the atmosphere, the air becomes thinner, and the atmospheric pressure drops.

What is the science behind a balloon power car that makes it go fast?

The science behind this experiment is all about energy. When the balloon is inflated it stores the compressed air and stretched rubber as potential energy. When you let the air out of the balloon, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy; this is the energy of motion, which is why the car moves.