How do you manage a large sales territory?

How do you manage a large sales territory?

Best Practices for Sales Territory Management

  1. Develop a visit rotation schedule.
  2. Account for seasonal trends.
  3. Optimize for long-term ROI.
  4. Find new ways to divide your sales territories.
  5. Leverage other customer-facing colleagues.
  6. Track performance over time.

How do you organize a sales territory?

How to create a sales territory plan in 6 steps

  1. Define your larger sales goals. Before you have a plan, you need a goal (or goals).
  2. Define your market.
  3. Assess prospect and account quality.
  4. Start mapping out the strengths and weaknesses of your reps.
  5. Assign leads.
  6. Look for ways to improve your plan.

What is sales territory management?

Territory management is the process by which sellers prioritize and manage a group of customers and prospects, who are typically organized by segments (such as geography, industry and need).

How defining sales territories are important in sales management?

Establishing the sales territory helps in planning and controlling the sales operations. A well designed sales territory helps to increase sales volume and market coverage and provide better services to customers. Once the sales territory is allocated to the salesperson, he is responsible for making things happen.

What is a territory manager job description?

Territory managers build and foster strong customer relationships within a particular region. They design strategies aimed at growing regional revenue by satisfying customer needs and special requests. Territory managers use consumer research to maximize potential revenues and gain the loyalty of their clientele.

What is the role of territory manager?

Territory Managers are generally required to travel and provide face-to faces sales and customer services to their clients. Performance is usually measured through increasing sales revenue or developing new business relationships in the area.

What are the challenges in personal selling?

These are the top challenges faced by sales reps:

  • Building trust online.
  • Marketing and sales teams integration.
  • Getting a response from prospects.
  • Closing deals.
  • Prospecting good leads.
  • Engaging multiple decision-makers at a company.
  • Avoiding discounting.
  • Connecting via the phone (getting in touch)

What are the challenges in territory management?


  • It’s a hassle to use Excel and export data.
  • It doesn’t work well in other parts of the globe that have spotty postal code data.
  • It’s virtually impossible to identify contiguous regions without seeing them on a map.

What are the problems and challenges in sales business?

8 Of Your Sales Team’s Biggest Challenges And How To Solve Them

  • Getting A Response from Prospects.
  • Standing Apart From Competitors.
  • Asking The Right Questions.
  • Staying Motivated.
  • Spending Too Much Time On Administrative Tasks.
  • Maintaining Customer Relationships Post-Sale.
  • How To Effectively Team Sell.

What do you mean by sales territory?

A sales territory is the customer group or geographical area for which an individual salesperson or a sales team holds responsibility. Territories can be defined on the basis of geography, sales potential, history, or a combination of factors.