How do you remove a strata committee member?

How do you remove a strata committee member?

The strata committee member can resign, otherwise that person’s position can be terminated by a special resolution (where 75% vote in favour) at a general meeting.

How do you nominate for a strata committee?

Any person nominating or being nominated for the strata committee must do in writing prior to the meeting or verbally at the AGM. The legislation calls for nominations before and at the AGM, and specifies that the consent of the nominated person is to be in writing or in person at the meeting.

Who are the members of the strata Executive Committee?

Owners corporations are required to have an executive committee. The strata executive committee is like a management board, and are appointed each year at the annual general meeting. The committee members vacate office at the end of the next annual general meeting, a new committee appointed and so on.

What is the quorum for a strata committee meeting?

The quorum for a strata committee meeting exists when at least half of the appointed members are present. Each strata committee member, other than any tenant member, has one vote. The Chairperson does not have a deciding vote under any circumstances. A decision on any motion at a strata committee meeting is made by a majority vote.

Can a strata Committee decision be vetoed by an owner?

In that case, the matter should be decided upon formally at a strata committee meeting so that the correct legal procedures are followed (such as the ability for owners to veto decisions of the strata committee in accordance with Schedule 2, clause 9 (3) of the Strata Schemes Management Act) and to ensure transparency of voting as well.

How does a strata scheme notify its owners?

As with sending notices for meetings the type of strata scheme determines how it must notify its owners of the decisions. If the strata scheme is a large scheme then it must give a copy to each owner and executive committee member and display a copy on the notice board (if it is required to have one).