How do you say someone I am waiting?

How do you say someone I am waiting?


  1. hold on. phrasal verb. used for telling someone to stop or wait.
  2. just wait until/till. phrase.
  3. hang on/hold on a minute. phrase.
  4. wait a minute/second. phrase.
  5. just a minute/moment/second. phrase.
  6. let me see/think. phrase.
  7. bear with me/us. phrasal verb.
  8. something will have to wait. phrase.

How do you say I’m waiting for you?

The correct way to say it is either “waiting for you” or “awaiting you.” “Waiting” is an intransitive verb; it doesn’t take an object. You can say “I’m just waiting.” You can’t say “I’m waiting you.”

What does I’m waiting mean?

Usually the phrase “I’m waiting” is used when we want something, but we’re not entirely sure how to go about moving towards it. And so, instead of saying “I’m doing nothing about what I want”, we say the nicer phrase which puts the onus on someone or something else before we get there.

What does it mean when someone keeps you waiting?

The Power Dynamics of Making Someone Wait Making you wait is a common social power move in both business and dating. It shows that the person letting you wait: Is the chooser, because if they don’t rush and you rushed and are happy to wait, it means you probably need something from them.

Do we say waiting on or waiting for?

To ‘wait on’ someone means to serve someone. “The hotel staff waited on the couple at their wedding dinner.” To ‘wait for’ something or someone means we are expecting something to happen or we are waiting for someone. “I had to wait for the water to boil before I could use it to make a cup of tea.”

What is the meaning of I am waiting you?

It is a transitive phrase. This means that the verb (waiting) needs one or more words. You could also say, ‘waiting on you’. answered Mar 14 ’14 at 21:01.

What does waiting on you mean?

To serve the needs of someone or something; be in attendance on someone or something: The clerk waited on a customer. 2. To await someone or something: They’re waiting on my decision. 3. To make a formal call on someone; visit someone: We waited on the mourning widow to pay our respects.

Is waiting a sign of true love?

Being Able to Wait Is a Sign of True Love – Live Life Happy Being able to wait is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say “I love you,” but not everyone can wait and prove that it’s true.

Why you should never wait for someone?

Waiting for someone is not a sign of strength or loyalty, it’s a sign of denial and ignoring what you already know to be true. You will continue putting them on a pedestal they don’t even know they’re on, you will continue investing your all on nothing.

How do you say please wait in a nice way?

You can use them on the phone or at work, or with your neighbors and friends.

  1. Professional Manner. “Please bear with me…” “I won’t be long…”
  2. Casual Manner. “Just a sec…” “Just a second…” “Just a minute…” “Just a tic…” ( Australian)
  3. Slang Style. “Hang tight…” “Hold on…” “Hang on…” “Gimme a minute…” “Hold your horses…”

Is wait on correct?

The phrase wait on should be used only when referring to serving someone or something. Example 1 (correct usage): The server waited on the customers in the restaurant. This phrase should never mistakenly be used in place of wait for. Example 2 (incorrect usage): We waited on our guests to arrive.

Is awaiting your reply correct?

“Awaiting your reply” and “waiting for your reply” are both correct, the former is more formal and should be used in official or business correspondance. “Awaiting for your reply” is incorrect.

One of the most common uses of “I’m waiting” is in the sentence, “I’m just waiting for a sign”. We usually say this when we’re uncertain about an area of our lives, and we need some sort of indication as to the path we should take. We don’t mind what sign it is, just as long as we get one.

How do you say I am waiting for your call?

I see no problem with it. “I’ll call you back” is sometimes (not always) used to say “I’m not that interested in you”, so replying with “I’ll be waiting” is a fair way to say “I hope that you will actually do that and not just forget about me”. You might want to express some urgency.