How do you say someone said something in an essay?

How do you say someone said something in an essay?

First, what is a ‘dialogue tag’?Volume (e.g. yelled, shouted, bellowed, screamed, whispered)Tone or pitch (e.g. shrieked, groaned, squeaked)Emotion (e.g. grumbled, snapped, sneered, begged)

How do you write a mention?

Mention sentence examplesHe didn’t even mention her family. If you mention his name to Alex, you’ll find out why she feels that way. There was no point alarming Connie about her situation, so she didn’t mention the conversation with Giddon that had inspired the letter. You’re a mighty good cook – not to mention a good driver.

What is a sentence for mention?

The mere mention of blood makes me ill. I get nervous at the mention of his name. Her contributions deserve a mention. One other issue deserves special mention.

How do you use worth mention in a sentence?

There was nothing of importance that happened in the meanwhile that was worth mentioning. It is worth mentioning this last result in more detail for he worked on a problem which had quite a famous history.

Is worth or is worthy?

Worth means the same as “value”. It can describe how good, bad, important, desirable, useful, or valuable something is. Example: I found a gold coin, it must be worth a lot of money! Worthy usually describes something as “deserving attention, effort, or respect”.

Is worth to mention?

The first example, “it is worth mentioning that”, is acceptable. The second, “it is worth to mention that”, is incorrect. One might correct it by saying: It is worth it to mention that…

How do you say it is important to note?

it is important to note / synonymsit should be noted. must be noted. should be pointed out. is worth noting. is to be noted. is noted. is noteworthy. must be pointed out. phr.

What does it mean to be of note?

Someone or something that is of note is important, worth mentioning, or well-known. politicians of note. Synonyms: important, consequential, significant, of distinction More Synonyms of of note.

What is another word for important?

Synonyms forbig.crucial.extensive.far-reaching.great.influential.necessary.relevant.

How do you use the word noteworthy in a sentence?

Examples of noteworthy in a Sentence He gave several noteworthy performances during his short career. Nothing noteworthy happened that evening. Her art is noteworthy for its great quality and beauty.

Who is a noteworthy person?

A noteworthy person. noteworthy(Adjective) Deserving attention; notable; worthy of notice. Zukertort represent the other most noteworthy tournaments.

What is important or noteworthy?

Noteworthy is a synonym for important in prominent topic. In some cases you can use “Noteworthy” instead an adjective “Important”, when it comes to topics like powerful, eminent, significant. popular alternative Nearby Words: importance, importantly, importation.

What does noteworthy mean in English?

adjective. worthy of notice or attention; notable; remarkable: a noteworthy addition to our collection of rare books.

What is a significant?

adjective. important and deserving of attention; of consequence: Their advice played a significant role in saving my marriage. relatively large in amount or quantity: a significant decrease in revenue. having or expressing a meaning; indicative: a significant symbol of royalty.

What does Distinguished mean?

adjective. made conspicuous by excellence; noted; eminent; famous: a distinguished scholar. having an air of distinction, dignity, or eminence: a distinguished old gentleman. conspicuous; marked.

What is the meaning of minor?

There, minor means something “lesser,” and is related to the Latin word minuere, which means “to diminish.” It is usually used as an adjective, but as a noun it gained the meaning “underage” in the 16th Century, and is now used to refer to children and teens under the age of legal responsibility.

What does minor effect mean?

de minimis effect

What is the meaning of Miner and minor?

A miner is a person who makes a living digging coal, salt, gold, minerals, or other natural resources out of the earth. Don’t confuse miner with minor (note the “o”). Minor refers to musical intervals, small or trivial things, and people under age 18.