How do you set up a bank house?

How do you set up a bank house?

Create a House Bank

  1. Enter transaction code FI12_HBANK or, in the SAP Menu, go to Accounting Financial Accounting Banks Master Data House Banks Create / Change .
  2. In the Determine Work Area: Entry dialog, do the following:
  3. On the Change View “House Banks”: Overview screen, choose New Entries .

What is House bank account in SAP?

The house bank accounts of your company are the bank accounts that your company owns. You can use them to process payment transactions. Each house bank account is linked to a bank account in bank account master data via a connectivity path.

What is bank key?

Bank key is a bank identifier used to identify the bank in the specific country. For example, the bank number used to identify the bank in some countries and the Account number is used to identify the bank in certain countries.

What is bank key used for?

First, it’s important to note that the bank key is a unique, country-dependent identifier. It is an SAP internal ID used to uniquely identify a bank. This ID, together with the country key, links to the other bank data in the system, such as name, bank number, and SWIFT code/BIC.

How do you define a bank house?

House banks are the banks used to deal all transactions for the company. In other words, it is an operating bank where all transactions are made by the company. Each house bank in a company code is represented in the SAP R/3 System by a bank ID.

Is sort code same as bank key?

A sort code (which you might also hear called a ‘branch sort code’) is the other key number you need. It’s a 6-digit number that identifies the branch of your bank where your account is held. The digits are typically grouped in pairs. For example, N26 accounts in the UK all share the same sort code: 04-00-26.

How do I get a bank key?

SAP FI01: How to Create a BANK KEY

  1. Step 1) Enter FI01 into the SAP transaction code box.
  2. Step 2) In the next SAP Screen.
  3. Step 3) In the next SAP screen , under the Address section.
  4. Step 4) In the control data section.
  5. Step 5) Click Save . A new Bank Key is created.

What is bank Control Key?

A bank control key specifies the type of the supplier bank account, such as savings or checking. Different countries can have different bank control keys.