How do you write a strong hook for an essay?

How do you write a strong hook for an essay?

Try these creative hook ideas for essays:Start with a question. Asking your readers to think about the topic is a great way to get them ready to hear more. Use descriptive words. Creating a picture in the reader’s mind can make him or her feel connected to your writing. Leave it a mystery.

What is a sentence for comparison?

Comparison sentence examples. I tell this story to make a comparison between modern times and the past. The comparison made her breath catch. But the rich man–not to make any invidious comparison–is always sold to the institution which makes him rich.

What are comparisons used for?

Adjectives and adverbs can be used to make comparisons. The comparative form is used to compare two people, ideas, or things. The superlative form with the word “the” is used to compare three or more. Comparatives and superlatives are often used in writing to hedge or boost language.

Why is it important to compare things?

Compare & Contrast acts as a practical and easy-to-use introduction to higher-order thinking. Compare & Contrast improves comprehension by highlighting important details, making abstract ideas more concrete, and reducing the confusion between related concepts (think meiosis versus mitosis).