How does arena work in smite?

How does arena work in smite?

The goal in Arena is to reduce the enemy team’s ticket counter to 0. Players can accomplish this by: Killing an enemy God, which deducts 5 tickets. Last hitting an enemy minion, which deducts 1 ticket.

How does the point system in arena work?

Arena Points are gained through winning matches, with more AP rewarded for defeating higher-ranked teams. When the season comes to a close, players will receive rewards based on the highest rank they achieved over the course of the season. Instead, players stand to lose AP if they perform poorly and lose matches.

What is Arena in smite?

The Arena game mode is a brawling deathmatch where your goal is to defeat enemy players and their minions by reducing their side’s ticket count to zero. Average game time is around 15 minutes.

What level do you have to be to play arena smite?

New players will initially only be able to queue for Normal Conquest, Arena, and Joust until they reach account level 15, but will still have access to Clash and Assault via the Co-Op vs. AI queue.

What does the purple buff do in smite?

Purple/Void: This buff reduces nearby enemy gods’ protections by 10 + 2 per enemy in the radius stacking up to a max of 4. The area effect of 55 units and lasts 120 seconds. Red/Damage: This buff increases Physical and Magical damage by 10%, 15% while hitting an enemy god.

How long does a game of smite last?

Games are played with 5 players per team and typically last about 30 minutes. Before the start of each game, players select from a pool of over 100 playable characters.

What are the placements for solo arena?


  • Reach Top 25: 60 points.
  • Reach Top 15: 30 points.
  • Reach Top 5: 30 points.
  • Victory Royale: 60 points.
  • Each Elimination: 20 points.

What is clash in smite?

Clash is a 5v5 casual game mode meant to be a middleground between the Conquest and Arena game modes. Clash features Apophis, a jungle boss exclusive to this Game Mode that provides a powerful buff when defeated.

What is the most popular game mode in smite?

Conquest is still the main game mode in Smite and will be the most popular game mode as most players come to it for that, but the other game modes are still quite popular compared to the other game modes in different MOBA’s.

Does smite have a story mode?

The Lore of SMITE is told through several chapters in different story arcs, which are usually featured in events.

Is there a match of the day in Smite?

The Match of the Day (or MotD) is a special mode in Smite, that changes daily. They are several unique game modes that utilize the map from standard game modes, all of them with special and usually unconventional rules. For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Match of the Day

Are there any different game modes in Smite?

There are several different Game Modes in SMITE. Each mode has its own unique map with its own play style, rules and objectives. Common among each mode is the existence of minions and structures.

Where are the exits to each base in Arena?

There are two exits to each base located on the leftmost and rightmost sides. There is an invulnerable Phoenix protecting each entrance. There are also neutral buff camps on the left and right sides of the arena. For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Arena

How often does a siege Juggernaut spawn in Smite?

Standard lane minions spawn at the regular intervals and sizes, but for every 100 points a team earns, a Siege Juggernaut is spawned. Each team can earn points by accomplishing certain tasks.