How does The Triplets of Belleville end?

How does The Triplets of Belleville end?

The film ends with the motley group riding on out of Belleville, and a flash forward to an elderly Champion reflecting on the adventure, as told to him by the then-deceased Souza.

Is The Triplets of Belleville for kids?

It’s all very odd for sure, and not for all kids given the violence, sexual content, and offbeat style. Older kids who like quirky movies will enjoy.

Is Triplets of Belleville OK for kids?

Which film won the very first Academy Award for best feature animated?

DreamWorks had advertised heavily during the holiday 2001 season for Shrek, but was disappointed when the rumored Best Picture nomination did not materialize, though it was nominated for and ultimately won the inaugural Best Animated Feature award.

What is The Triplets of Belleville rated?

The Triplets of Belleville/MPAA rating

Who are the Triplets of Belleville in the movie?

Without any money, Madame Souza and Bruno are befriended and taken in by three eccentric elderly women, who were once the renowned jazz singing group The Triplets of Belleville. The triplets help Madame Souza and Bruno try to locate and rescue Champion. An orphaned boy, Champion, is raised by his grandmother, Madame Souza.

Who is Madame Souza in the Triplets of Belleville?

It tells the story of Madame Souza, an elderly woman who goes on a quest to rescue her grandson Champion, a Tour de France cyclist, who has been kidnapped by the French mafia for gambling purposes and taken to the city of Belleville (an amalgam of New York City, Montreal and Quebec City).

What are the license plates on the Triplets of Belleville?

The triplets help Madame Souza and Bruno try to locate and rescue Champion. Written by Huggo Did You Know? The license plates on the Mafia gangsters’ cars read “In Vino Veritas” (“In Wine, There Is Truth”).