How long can EU citizen stay in Italy?

How long can EU citizen stay in Italy?

3 months
All EU citizens have the right to free movement, with entry and residence in Italy, for stays up to 3 months and it is not necessary to fulfill any formalities. However, EU citizens must have an identity document valid for travel abroad (according to the law of their nationality).

How long does it take to register as a resident in Italy?

EU citizens have the right to apply for permanent residence permits after living for more than 3 months in Italy. It should also be noted that it may take up to 3 months for obtaining the Italian permanent residence.

How do I register my residence in Italy?

Here’s how to register:

  1. Go to your nearest town hall, called the comune or municipio.
  2. Download a registration form from the town hall’s website.
  3. You’ll need a codice fiscale – a personalised tax number – before you apply for residency.
  4. You’ll also need evidence that confirms you are lawfully living in Italy.

How can a EU citizen register in Italy?

EU citizens who wish to stay in Italy for a period exceeding three months are only required to register with the local Anagrafe (Register Office) (pdf 19 Kb). EU nationals who whish to stay in Italy for a period exceeding three months should register with the Anagrafe (Register Office) of the municipality of residence.

How long can I live in Italy as an American?

Resident. Americans staying in Italy for more than three (3) months are considered residents. This includes Americans who will work or transact business and persons who want to simply live in Italy.

Can I live in Italy with an Irish passport?

Living and Working in Italy Irish citizens, as EU nationals, have the right to live, work and travel in Italy freely for periods of up to three months without having to register with the Italian authorities. EU citizens do not need to request a permesso di soggiorno (Permit of Stay).

How do you prove residency in Italy?

The certificato di residenza is a certificate issued by the Italian authorities stating that you live in Italy and that it is your fiscal residence. Residence certificate is obtained from the registry office (anagrafe) of your town hall.

How much money do you need for Italian residency?

The requirements for an Italy Elective Residence Visa are: Proof of sufficient financial resources to support yourself without working. You must have a minimum of € 31,000 per year, if you are applying alone, and € 38,000 if you are applying as a married couple.