How many goals did Messi scored in 2012 13?

How many goals did Messi scored in 2012 13?

With 76 goals to his name in 2012, Messi also overtook Pelé’s record of 75 goals in a single calendar year from 1958 and is only nine goals from drawing with the all-time record from 1972 by Gerd Müller.

How many goals did Messi scored 2011-12?

73 goals
Well, needless to say, he came in (and went out) like a lion in March: His 73 goals in all competitions during the 2011-12 season set a new world record, as did his 50 La Liga tallies. And what’s more incredible?

How many goals has Messi scored in Champions League in his career?

Cristiano Ronaldo leads the UEFA Champions League in all-time goals scored, scoring a total of 135 goals. Lionel Messi sits in second place with 120 goals….Players with most goals in the UEFA Champions League from 1955 to 2021.

Characteristic Goals scored
Lionel Messi 120
Robert Lewandowski 73
Raúl Gonzalez 71

What is Messi highest scoring season?

Messi at Barcelona 50 – the number of goals scored by Messi in La Liga in the 38 matches of the 2011-2012 season, a record. That season he scored a total of 73 (another record).

What are the two players who scored 12 goals in 2011/2012 called?

Behind Messi was Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 46 goals; the pair’s combined tally of 96 goals was the most ever by two players playing in the same major European league in the same season….2011–12 La Liga.

Season 2011–12
Total attendance 11,504,567
Average attendance 28,265
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Who is the top UCL goal scorer of all time?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Position Player Goals
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 136
2 Lionel Messi 121
3 Robert Lewandowski 77
4 Karim Benzema 72

How many goals has Messi scored in all?

Messi has scored 448 goals, including 278 domestic league goals, 42 domestic cup goals, 81 international cup goals and 47 goals for the national team. So, Ronaldo is currently leading Messi by 12 goals.

How many Champions League trophies has Messi won?

Messi has won a total of 30 trophies, till date. This includes 11 domestic cups, 8 league titles, 4 Champions League titles, 3 UEFA Super Cups , 3 Club World Cups and 1 Olympic Gold Medal with Argentina.

How many La Liga trophies does Ronaldo and Messi have?

Messi has 34 trophies to Ronaldo’s 27 at club level Messi has won a staggering 34 trophies at Barcelona. He has lifted 10 La Liga titles, 6 Copa del Rey honors, 8 Spanish Super Cups, 4 Champions…

Who has more Champions League titles Messi or Ronaldo?

Ronaldo has won the Champions League five times, which is one more such trophy in the cabinet than Messi, who has won it on four occasions. While all of Messi’s Champions League triumphs have come with Barcelona – the club he has spent his entire professional career with – Ronaldo has done it with two different clubs.