How much is a Honda Integra Type R Worth?

How much is a Honda Integra Type R Worth?

Much like many other Japanese sports cars from the period, the Integra Type R has become quite a collectors item. Prices have been increasing over the years and today the average price is anywhere from around US$20,000 to around $40,000 for a good model.

Why is Acura Integra Type R expensive?

Integra Type R prices are only on the rise. Why is the Integra Type R so expensive? If you asked any salesman that question, they’d be quick to tell you this: supply and demand! And they are correct.

How much does a Honda Integra cost?

Acura Integra

TRIM MSRP 5-Year Cost to Own / Rating
LS Sedan $20,200 Coming Soon / N.A.
GS Coupe $21,050 Coming Soon / N.A.
GS Sedan $21,600 Coming Soon / N.A.
GS-R Coupe $22,300 Coming Soon / N.A.

Is the Integra Type R legal in the US?

Honda Integra Type R Coming Soon! DC2 Honda Integra Type Rs will soon be USA import legal! Begriming next year you will be able to bring the beautiful JDM ITR into the USA and enjoy it on the open roads. Honda lovers rejoice because the time is almost here for these cars to be import legal to the USA.

What is the rarest Acura?

the Integra Type R
Ask any import car enthusiast what the rarest Acura vehicle ever produced was and they will probably answer, “The Integra Type R.” And rightfully so, as that model was only produced in limited numbers and for a limited amount of time.

How fast is the Honda Integra Type R?

1998 Honda Integra Type R DC2 0-60, quarter mile, specs

0-60 mph 6.4 seconds
0-100 kph 6.9 seconds
Quarter mile 16.6 s @ 101 mph
Top speed 233 kph / 145 mph
Curb weight 1145 kilograms (2524 pounds)

What is a DC2 Integra?

The Honda Integra Type R DC2 was introduced into the Japanese domestic market in 1995. Honda equipped the Type R with a 1.8-litre DOHC VTEC in-line 4-cylinder (B18C) engine. It was not available in 1999 in the US, but returned in 2000 and stayed until the Integra DC2’s production ended in 2001.

Will there be a new Integra?

We expect the Integra to be fully unveiled in 2022 and go on sale shortly after, likely as a 2023 model. The new car will probably share its underpinnings with the all-new Honda Civic, but we’re expecting a perkier standard powertrain, an available manual transmission, and perhaps a Type S trim with more power.

Why is Acura not popular?

Overall, while Acura is a perfectly fine premium auto brand and certain models of their vehicles may be a great fit for some consumers, the brand isn’t as popular because it lacks the features and variety offered by other automobile brands.

Did they make a 4 door Integra Type R?

Yep, there was a Honda Integra Type-R four-door, closely related to the DC2, but given the designation ‘DB8’. Mechanically, the four-door was the same as the coupe, though since it was a JDM-only model it was more powerful than the DC2 Australians were given access to… by 6kW.