How To Create A New Instagram Account?

How To Create A New Instagram Account?

Instagram is one of the most hyped up social networking platforms these days. It’s a very good app to create a marketing strategy. This platform is not used for personal recreation but also many businesses are growing themselves through this platform. 

We all know that Instagram is basically a social networking site just like Facebook, where you can share your pictures. It connects the world. And some businesses are using this hype to introduce their products. Almost every company has their own verified Instagram account these days. 

Now, if you want to use Instagram, be it for personal reasons or professional, learning how to create an account is necessary. Today in this article, we’ll show you how to create your very own Instagram account step by step. 

Create Your Instagram Account Using Your Phone 

Be it an android phone or iphone, smartphones are used by everyone in the world. Some people may not have their personal computer or laptop, but they definitely own a smartphone. We’ll learn how to create your Instagram account using your phone first. 

Step 1- Download the Instagram app from your phone’s official app store. If you’re using an android, then download it from Google Play Store. If you’re an iPhone user, you can get the app from the App Store. 

Step 2- Open the app once it’s downloaded successfully. You’ll see 2 options there. As you’re creating a new account, choose the  sign up option. 

Step 3- You’ll be given two ways to sign up. With your email or with your phone number. Choose whatever option suits you best. 

Step 4- After entering your email address or phone number, you’ll be able to set a password and your username. 

Step 5- After you’re done setting your password and username, you’ll be asked to fill up more personal information like your birth date. Fill in the information fields and voila! You successfully created your own Instagram account by yourself! 

  • Create Your Instagram Account Using a Computer 

Creating an Instagram account on the computer isn’t much different from the way you’d create an account using your phone. It’s pretty similar actually. To create your Instagram account using your computer- 

Step 1- Visit the official website of Instagram, which is 

Use your chrome browser to do that. 

Step 2- You’ll be given the same two options and you’d have to choose Sign Up. 

Step 3- Enter your email address or your phone number, whichever way is convenient for you. Then set your username and password. 

Step 4- Enter the personal information they ask for and you’re good to go. 

As we can see, the process of creating an Instagram account isn’t much different no matter which device you choose. And now that you can install apps on your windows 10, you can simply use the Instagram app on your computer and follow the steps accordingly. 

In Case You Need A Lot Of Instagram Accounts 

As we discussed before, It is being used as a platform to create marketing strategies. Many companies and business institutions are advertising their own products through Instagram. You may also want to do the same. Afterall, everyone wants to make a profit. 

But can you create a bunch of accounts for your professional use? Can you provide hundreds and thousands of email and phone numbers to create those accounts? And if you do, can you manage them all? Sounds like a painful and hectic job, doesn’t it? That’s why we suggest PVA accounts. You can buy PVA Instagram accounts and get away with all the trouble. 

Why PVA Accounts?

Using PVA services, you can buy old unused Instagram accounts. There are numerous PVA service providers. You can search for them online and choose your dealer. PVA agents sell accounts in a bunch or you can buy however many you want. They sell you old verified accounts. That ensures your clearance. And if you want to change, they can replace the account with another one. So it’s a win-win situation.  So get bulk Instagram accounts and make it easier for yourself!

Hopefully this article was helpful to you. We tried to provide all the information you’d need to create your own Instagram account. And also, we showed you an easier way! We hope we can help you through this article. And if you have anything to ask about this topic or any suggestions on what topic we should write next, please let us know by commenting below! And if you found this article helpful, why not share with your friends and help them too!