Is building control required for practical completion?

Is building control required for practical completion?

Practical Completion requires sign off from the Local Authority Building Control or the Approved Inspector. This is a fit for occupation certificate and a fire life and safety certificate will also be required.

Can architects instructions be issued after practical completion?

In summary the contractor is not obliged to carry out variations where the instruction is issued after practical completion unless there is a clause in the contract which gives the requisite power to issue an instruction of this nature.

Can architects issue AI after CPC?

Whilst the PAM Form does not stipulate that Architect’s instructions are only to be given during the currency of the contract, nevertheless it would seem logical that Architects are not entitled to issue instructions once CPC has been obtained.

What comes after practical completion?

Upon Practical Completion, the final account can be provided to the owner. The handover process comes with a requirement that the owner pays you for the work that has been completed, even if there is still minor work to attend to.

Why is certificate of Completion important?

Completion certificate is a legal document that attests the fact that a building has been constructed in line with construction norms. It is mandatory for all developers to show completion certificate to have water and electricity connection in the building.

What are architects instructions?

Construction contracts generally give the contract administrator the power to issue instructions to the contractor. These instructions can be called ‘contract administrator’s instructions’ or ‘architect’s instructions’ (AI).

Who completes a notice of completion?

A notice of completion must be served by a project owner within 10 days of the date the notice of completion is filed for recording and must be served on the following: The direct contractor(s); and. Anyone who has served the project owner with a preliminary notice.