Is jackie Nespral married?

Is jackie Nespral married?

Armando Hassun
Jackie Nespral/Spouse
She is married to Dr. Armando Hassun Jr. with whom she has three daughters (Frances, Carolina, and Isabella) and one son (Armando, Jr.). She has two brothers (Jose and Frank).

Where is jackie Nespral?

After commuting between Miami and New York for three years, she chose to continue her career in South Florida with NBC6. She currently anchors “NBC 6 News” at 5pm, 6pm and 11pm alongside NBC6 anchor Jawan Strader and chief meteorologist John Morales.

Is NTV reliable?

There’s one thing all of ntv’s videos, streams and text content have in common: top quality journalism and credibility. And this is recognised by our users too. ntv has regularly topped the list of digital news providers in Germany.

How old is Jackie nespral?

54 years (April 21, 1967)
Jackie Nespral/Age

What is Jackie nespral’s salary?

Jackie Nespral Salary Being one of the top journalists for NBC 6, Nespral earns an annual salary ranging between $ 20,000 – $ 100,000.

Is Jackie nespral Cuban?

Jackie Nespral was born in Florida to Cuban parents in 1966 and grew up in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. After several years of success, she moved back to Miami and took on the role of anchorwoman for WTVJ-TV (NBC) where she continues to anchor the evening newscast. …

How much does Jackie nespral make?

What happened Roxanne Vargas?

She is currently NBC 6 News’ weekday morning anchor alongside Sheli Muñiz, meteorologists Adam Berg and Angie Lassman and traffic reporter Kristin Sanchez. Vargas also contributes to NBC 6’s sister station, Telemundo 51 with reports in Spanish. Vargas is married with two sons.

Is RT news Russian?

RT America is a U.S.-based pay television news channel which is part of the RT network, a global multilingual television news network based in Moscow, Russia, funded and controlled by the Russian government.

Who is NTV owner?

Narendra Choudary Tummala
NTV is an Indian regional Telugu News Channel launched in 2007 along with South India’s first devotional channel Bhakthi TV….NTV (Indian TV channel)

Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Owner Narendra Choudary Tummala
Sister channels Bhakti TV

How old is Roxy Vargas?

Roxanne Vargas Age Vargas is 37 Years old as of 2021. She was born on January 23, 1984, in Miami, Florida.

How did Roxanne Vargas lose weight?

While it may seem like a new fad, intermittent fasting has been around for centuries – and has helped people like morning anchor Roxanne Vargas lose over 30 pounds in the last year. The word fasting can be intimidating, but Milian says don’t focus on when you’re not eating: Focus on your eating window.