Is the no cost solar program legit?

Is the no cost solar program legit?

The offer sounds too good to be true…and unfortunately, it is. Yes, there are (legitimate) installers that will put free solar panels for your home. But the catch is that they require you to enter into a solar lease or power purchasing agreement (PPA). These offers entice people with a no-cost way to go solar.

Who is solar Victoria?

Solar Victoria is a Victorian Government agency dedicated to helping Victorians reduce energy costs, create new jobs in the renewables sector and fight climate change.

Is it worth having solar panels in Victoria?

The average electricity cost in Victoria is 23.272c/kWh. So if you’re generating 18kWh of electricity each day, you’d save around $125 per month, or over $1,500 each year with solar. In other words, yes: it’s definitely worth it to install solar panels in your Melbourne home in 2020.

Is the solar rebate still available in Victoria?

Introduction. We are providing a rebate of up to $1,400 for solar panel (PV) system installation, for homeowners and rental properties . Solar panel rebates will maintain their current value of up to $1,400 plus the option of an interest-free loan until 30 June 2022.

What should you know when choosing a solar installer?

How to Pick the Best Solar Installer for Your Project

  • Choose a Certified, Trained, & Self-Performing Installer.
  • Be Familiar with Subcontractor Qualifications.
  • Choose a Local Brand.
  • Choose an Installer Who Provides Maintenance.
  • Avoid Cheap Solar & Consider Financing Options.
  • Consider Different Solar Panel Brands.

What is the best solar technology?

Our Top Solar Panels for 2021

  • Panasonic: Best by Temperature Coefficient.
  • Silfab: Best Warranty.
  • Canadian Solar: Most Affordable.
  • Trina Solar: Best Value.
  • Q Cells: Consumer Favorite.
  • Mission Solar: Best Small Manufacturer.
  • Loom Solar: Most Reliable.
  • WindyNation: Best for Backup Power.

How much will a 6.6 kW solar system save me?

This means that a 6.6kW solar system with north-facing panels will produce an average of 20kWh to 27kWh of power per day over the year. We aim to get your power bills down to near zero. This will allow you to payback your system investment in less than 4 years.

How much does solar reduce bill?

The average American family spends nearly $1,500 a year on electricity costs from fossil fuel sources. That means installing a solar panel system that can cover 100% of your needs would result in over $100 in potential savings every month.