Is there a monthly fee for Dribbleup?

Is there a monthly fee for Dribbleup?

Dribble up charging $7.99 every month for use with app.

What is a smart basketball?

The Smart Basketball is the top selling product of its kind. It is a regulation-size ball with an embedded optical meter for patented ball tracking, developed to provide players with measurable insights into their performance and skills. The ball’s surface is specially designed to connect to the smartphone app.

How much does the Dribbleup app cost?

Yes, to use DribbleUp Live and get access to the interactive live training, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. Your subscription grants you access to hundreds of live and on-demand classes every day. Your first month is completely free and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the basketball app?

HomeCourt is the free, interactive basketball app that helps anyone get better. It’s the personal basketball trainer that’s always with you, capturing your performance, your stats, and your progress—guiding you to the next level.

Is DribbleUp live free?

We want you and your family to experience our DribbleUp Live Membership (“Membership” or “Subscription”) as well, so our Membership is free for 30 days upon delivery!** Yes – you read that correctly.

Are DribbleUp classes free?

Never Worry About Planning A Workout DribbleUp trainers go live every day with a variety of dynamic workout classes. HIIT, Dance Cardio, Balance & Mobility, Yoga… you name it, we got it. Oh, & the first 30 days are totally free for up to 6 users. (30 day free trial for new members only, then $9.99/mo.

Is dribble up worth it?

Overall a great product and he uses it all the time (just in short bursts because of the phone overheating). I do recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their soccer skills.

Is the dribble up app free?

A free DribbleUp account is required to track data, but there are no subscription fees or in-app purchases. With few pieces to set up, getting started took about five minutes or so.

Is HomeCourt app free?

HomeCourt is the best way for your community to get better together. You can easily set up a virtual team or academy, host challenges and tournaments, and help your players develop skills anytime, anywhere. And the best part, it’s free for everyone.

What is the best app for basketball stats?

  • #2 – Breakthrough Stats.
  • #3 – iScore Basketball Scorekeeper.
  • #4 – HoopMetrics.
  • #5 – HUDL Assist.

Is DribbleUp free?

There is no monthly fee to use Dribble Up. The app is free and comes with a library of playlists you can use to train with.

Can you use DribbleUp without a subscription?