Is there any reason to keep old credit card statements?

Is there any reason to keep old credit card statements?

Saving credit card statements also remains useful for tracking spending habits and maintaining a budget. It may be advisable to keep statements for longer than 60 days for other reasons: If the cardholder relies only on paper copies, some experts suggest keeping copies of credit card statements for up to 12 months.

How long are credit card statements kept?

Credit Card Statements: Keep them for 60 days unless they include tax-related expenses. In these cases, keep them for at least three years. Pay Stubs: Match them to your W-2 once a year and then shred them. Utility Bills: Hold on to them for a maximum of one year.

How do I get copies of old credit card statements?

If you want a copy of a statement that isn’t online, you’ll need to call us on 03456 062 062 (or +44 1244 659 005tel:+44 1244 659 005 from outside the UK).

Is it safe to throw away old credit card statements?

“Bank statements, credit card statements and other documents that contain your personal information should never be disposed of in an insecure manner,” says Debbie Guild, chief security officer at PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Do I really need to shred old bank statements?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, you should shred documents containing sensitive information, including bank statements, to protect yourself from identity theft.

How do you dispose of sensitive paperwork?

Select a safe place to incinerate them and consider any local fire restrictions. Soaking will cause papers to dissolve into a soggy mess and render them easy to tear apart. The sodden documents will readily stick together and should thus – even when dry – be illegible.

How do I retrieve old bank statements?

Generally, banks are required to hang on to copies of these for at least seven years. You can generally request these over the phone, in writing or by dropping by a bank branch in person, though there may be a fee to obtain them.