Online Bookstores vs Physical Bookstores

Online Bookstores vs Physical Bookstores

Ever since the pandemic, people who are avid readers find reading storybooks and novels as not just their hobby, but also their passion and as one of their mindfulness activities.

For these people, finding books from good reliable bookstores can really be a troublesome task. Earlier, booklovers could easily go to the most renowned bookstores in the marketplace and could easily get all the books of their choice.

However, the times have changed now and according to the new scenario, every other service is available now online so as to decrease the physical efforts of people to come out of their comfort zone and search for books.

So in a way now due to the supply of books on an online platform, you would save your time and effort. But is an online bookstore necessarily better than a physical one? This post highlights the pros and cons of online bookstores to help you make the right decision.

Pros of an online bookstore

  • With the increase in online bookshops, the physical bookstores have closed gradually over time. Why will people make the effort and go all the way to buy their favourite books, when they can get them very easily online and at a much reasonable price.
  • Another benefit is convenience. You can just easily open your laptop or mobile phone and select your favourite book.
  • The third advantage is that in an online bookstore there is no limited choice. Since online book store India have huge databases, there would be hardly any book for which you would have difficulty finding and due to the shortage of space in the physical bookstores you will not find all the books.


Cons of an online bookstore


  • Rampant frauds are one of the most common disadvantages in online shopping, so make sure that you always choose a good reliable bookstore for purchasing your favourite books.
  • Secondly, delay in your delivery then is another major problem while purchasing your books online. Now suppose there is an academic book that is your study material and you received it just after your exam since there has been a delay in your delivery for whatsoever reason. This delay in delivery might cause you a huge loss.
  • The third one is the lack of interaction. Interaction with the seller is very important as the bookseller will be to explain about each product and you will get a better idea of which particular brand to select for which category of book.


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