Posting Event Updates on Social Media

Posting Event Updates on Social Media

Organizing and hosting an event is really a fun task when you have a high number of registrations and footfall. When your events are successful you want to plan and organize more such events. But who are we kidding? Planning and organizing an event takes a good share from your pocket and a huge amount of energy. From planning to publicity to post-event activities all are money and energy-consuming.


Well, I have got good news for you. You can post your event for free. Yes, you heard it right. There are numerous social media platforms that offer free promotion of your event.  Here are some social media platforms that allow you free event promotion.


Facebook Events

Facebook is one of the widely used social media with billions of users. Facebook allows you to create events and publish them for free. The platform is easy to use and comes with various perks of event advertising and as such. All event organizers have a place on Facebook to promote events.



These days Instagram is an important part of the brand-building process for any business irrespective of the industry it falls in. With time every event organizer is shifting their business on Instagram. Having an Instagram account builds trust for a customer and makes the customer believe in your event even more.

LinkedIn Events

Well, it looks like LinkedIn events are getting a fair share of attention. People are posting about their events on Linkedin and using it as a marketing medium. Linkedin allows you to list your event and you can promote it with the help of LinkedIn ads that gives you greater reach and visibility.



We all are aware of Twitter trends. Twitter can make your event go trending in just a few hours. With the right hashtags you can make your event list in trending events on twitter. Ask your audience to retweet, use the proper hashtags and tag you in the post. It creates hype and excitement among the audience when they hear it from


You can always find ways to cut down your cost and save a little extra. Post your events for free on social media & event listing platforms to strengthen your brand awareness. As social media is available worldwide, it gives you access to larger audiences.


Many event organizers found these free platforms for promotion and marketing. They achieved their desired results and goals. All the promotional platforms give you an opportunity to connect to the world without any barriers. So leverage them, and make full use of their offered tools and methods.