TikTok video upload time and schedule to achieve FYP

TikTok video upload time and schedule to achieve FYP

TikTok is exploding! If you are an influencer or entrepreneur looking to grow, consider TikTok as one of your marketing channels.

But, the problem is that building a large audience on TikTok is definitely not an easy thing. Of course, many factors can affect this, one of which is the time it takes to upload a post or video. You may be asking yourself: “When is the best time to post on TikTok for FYP?”

In fact, finding the right time to post on TikTok and achieve an FYP is certainly not easy. There are a lot of factors and statistics that can influence it, and this of course can also be different for each social media, plus trends can also change over time. However in terms of content you can completely repost your TikTok videos on other platforms with the help of TikTok video downloader

If only because you upload a new video and then go to FYP at a time. fixed, it does not guarantee you will get the same results during the next trial period.

So when is the time to post on TikTok for FYP? Relax, in this article we will provide answers to these questions.

Just look at the discussion below!

Schedule TikTok Posting for FYP

Based on global research done by Influencer Marketing Hub, the overall TikTok video posting schedule for FYP is from 6am to 10am and 7am to 11pm.

These results, taken from over 100,000 TikTok posts worldwide, are analyzed to find the best engagement rankings excluding all specific industries or sectors.

As more and more people are using TikTok and more and more people are downloading TikTok videos, it is of course important to know the TikTok posting schedule so that your videos are likely to enter FYP and your account will grow.

TikTok’s video posting schedule for FYP is based on each day of the following week.

TikTok FYP Time by Date

If it was previously TikTok’s global or global FYP calendar based on EST (Eastern Standard Time), below is TikTok FYP calendar based on dates obtained from monitoring monitor users’ habits and daily life.

1. Monday

Monday is the first day of the week that people will start going back to their activities, be it work, college, school or other activities.

Therefore, the best time to upload TikTok videos on Mondays is between 12 and 1 pm. At times like these, people are taking a break and tend to open social networks. Thus, you can fully take advantage of this time to download your TikTok videos on other platforms thanks to the TikTok video downloader.

2. Tuesday

The second day of the week, everyone is still quite busy. However, most of their assignments are usually completed on a Monday.

As a result, they usually have some free time in the afternoon and this is the perfect time to upload to TikTok at 4pm on Tuesday.

3. Wednesday

On Wednesday, people usually start to open social media regularly both day and night for entertainment.

So the best times to post TikTok for FYP on Wednesdays are 11am and 9pm. Two hours of broadcast in one day.

4. Thursday 

In the middle of this week, everyone’s work schedule becomes more flexible and comfortable. They have completed most of the assigned work and assignments, so they are ready to look forward to the upcoming weekend.

On Thursdays alone, there are three good times for creators to upload TikTok videos: 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., and 8 to 11 p.m. Take advantage of these 3 moments with TikTok video downloader to get outstanding results.

5. Friday

Then on Friday, the day before the weekend, everyone will be happier and more positive. They start planning on weekends and often turn to social media for the latest news.

You can take advantage of any time from 12 to 1 pm, 3 to 4 pm, and 8 to 11 pm to post new videos on TikTok and other platforms with the ability to download TikTok videos online.

6. Saturday

And it’s the weekend, so it’s a great time to upload TikTok content. The reason is, on weekends people are obviously more free.

TikTok’s FYP hours on Saturdays are 9 and 12 noon. At night, don’t post new content as people tend to like getting out of the house for activities.

7. Sunday

And on weekends, most people will spend more time at home. You can then take advantage of this opportunity to upload as much content as you can and be free to choose your time at any time.

Because people will usually be clear about their schedule and prefer to take time for themselves or for me and open up social media.

How to Find the Right Time to Upload to TikTok

The above schedule is an exact timetable for posting TikTok to FYP based on research of hundreds of thousands of posts overall. Meanwhile, the best time to upload is definitely different for each account. So is there a way to find the right time? Yes, of course.

Know your TikTok followers and viewers to upload to TikTok:

1. Know where your followers are located

Knowing your TikTok followers and audience is the first factor in determining the right time. Knowing your TikTok followers and audience is the first factor in determining the best time to post TikTok.

To find out, you can take advantage of the analytics features that TikTok offers to Pro account users. So if you haven’t switched to a Pro account yet, do so now.

Then go to your account analytics and statistics. Collect data and find most of your followers. Besides being able to learn the track of where you come from, the tool that analyzes TikTok can also help you find data based on information about other demographics such as age, gender, etc.

This is very important to move on to the next step below regarding upload time. Moreover, there are three different time zones, which are WIT, WITA and WIT.

2. Know When Your Followers and Viewers Open TikTok

Now that you know where your followers are, you can now easily see how much free time they have and other social media visits they have. including TikTok.

Once you know the best time to post a new video on TikTok. You can also customize it with TikTok’s FYP clock above.

3. Take advantage of holidays and days

Finally, you can also take advantage of holidays, such as national holidays and year-end holidays, to post new videos. The reason is, it is clear that people have more free time for vacation and will also be more inclined to open social networks. Not except TikTok, but almost all other social platforms are like that. Therefore, take advantage of the TikTok loader to make it easier to work across your platforms.

However, you also need to know that people may be on vacation or doing other activities outside of social media. So be smart in your reading and determine when to post while on vacation. Understand the habits of your followers, and over time you’ll find your own TikTok posting schedule template.


So that’s the explanation of the TikTok FYP schedule and how to find the best time to upload to TikTok. Hope it’s easy to understand and gives you new and interesting insights into not only posting time on TikTok but also making good use of it on other platforms with the help of TikTok downloader!