Travel to Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

Bhutan is heaven for passionate visitors who love to tour the mysterious beauty of the Himalayan

Mountains. If you crave to make your holidays memorable adventurous and full of enjoyment, Bhutan is the spot where you must travel. The majestic hills, green valleys, peculiar woodlands become the cause of travel to Bhutan guaranteed spiritual experience. This country always gets lots of footsteps from international visitors from all over the world just because of its natural beauty.

The Land of Thunder Dragon:

This Buddhist kingdom Bhutan is also known as the land of thunder dragons because of the Himalayas.  The kingdom is bestowed with nature’s form of rivers flowing across different areas of the country.  This scenic and calm atmosphere is one of the major reasons to encourage tourists to travel Bhutan. This state presents the best sight of eye-catching mountain peaks. Once you visit this beautiful kingdom you will feel that it has distinctive traditions and lifestyle. The people are warmhearted and friendly and host beautifully the visitors who came to visit Bhutan .


The time to travel to this mesmerizing country is making a difference. Autumn and spring are the best time to traveling the country because If you are fond of trekking in the giant and mysterious mountains of Bhutan then you should choose the time between April and May or September and

October. These seasons are the best time for trekking. usually, the majority of people who visit Bhutan intend to go to Thimpu and Paro where the normal day temperature during winter remains at 20 degrees centigrade which is quite pleasant so that  You can visit craft shops, romantic landscape and to get the view of  heritage of Bhutan.

You will feel cold and shivers during the winters in the western area of Bhutan. You must be ready for frosty nights and must have some woolen clothes if you are thinking to visit this state during the winter season.

Here are some of Bhutan’s popular destinations

  • PaldenTashiChholingShedra- Phuentsholing
  • Punakha Dzong- Punakha
  • Tiger’s Nest – Paro
  • TashichhoDzong- Thimpu
  • Tamzhing Monastery- Bumthang Valley
  • Galem’s House- Punakha

Haa Valley


One of the most unique aspects of the Bhutanese is their different traditional dress that may expand over thousands of .years.

Bhutanese wear long-length shirts and long scarves whenever visiting Dzongs and other administrative centers. The scarves vary in color, represent the wearer’s status. The scarf worn by men is known as Kabney while those worn by women are known as Rachus.

Marriages are easy affairs and are usually kept low-key. Parents friends and relatives gift the newlyweds with cash and goods by the end of the religious ceremony.


Bhutanese culture and festivals have their own remarkable history. You will fall in love more deeply with this country when you observe the richness, vibrancy, and happiness of these festivals. The spiritual dances, charming performances, courageous fire events, and naked masked performances are enough to open someone’s eyes. Most of the astonishing part of the festivities took place in the middle of the night.

Know About the Budget:

Bhutan is the land of mystery ten days trip seemed quite short but always plan a budget before planning to visit the land of thunder. Well, budget is all about you so make a friendly budget plan so that you can make these ten days memorable. 0nce you visit Bhutan you will feel that these days have a special place in your heart because of the breathtaking landscape and sceneries.