What are the limitations of a questionnaire?

What are the limitations of a questionnaire?

10 Disadvantages of Questionnaires

  • Dishonest answers.
  • Unanswered questions.
  • Differences in understanding and interpretation.
  • Hard to convey feelings and emotions.
  • Some questions are difficult to analyze.
  • Respondents may have a hidden agenda.
  • Lack of personalization.
  • Unconscientious responses.

What are the limitations of closed questions?

Disadvantages of Closed questions in your Course Evaluations:

  • May not have the exact answer the respondent wants to give.
  • Can put ideas into respondents’ minds.
  • Respondents may select answers most similar to true response, even though it is different.
  • Many options may confuse the respondent.

What are the limitations of mail questionnaires?


  • Can have a low response rate if people view the questionnaire as junk mail.
  • Questions cannot be probed or explained.
  • Participants may return incomplete surveys.
  • Possibility of a self-selection bias.

What are the advantages and limitations of questionnaire?

Questionnaire Method of Data Collection : Advantages and Disadvantages

  • (1) Economical:
  • (2) Wide Coverage:
  • (3) Rapidity:
  • (4) Suitable in Special Type of Response:
  • (5) Repetitive Information:
  • (6) An Easier Method:
  • (7) It Puts Less Pressure on the Respondents:
  • (8) Uniformity:

What are characteristics of open questions?

What are open-ended questions? Open-ended questions are questions that cannot be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and instead require the respondent to elaborate on their points. Open-ended questions help you see things from a customer’s perspective as you get feedback in their own words instead of stock answers.

Are questionnaires reliable?

Questionnaires are generally considered to be high in reliability. This is because it is possible to ask a uniform set of questions. Any problems in the design of the survey can be ironed out after a pilot study. The more closed questions used, the more reliable the research.

What are the 2 most common method used to administer a questionnaire?

Questionnaires can be administered by an interviewer or answered by the respondents themselves (self-administered). Self-administered questionnaires can be mailed or given in person to the respondents.