What are the other words you can use for accepted?

What are the other words you can use for accepted?


  • accede (to),
  • assent (to),
  • concede (to),
  • confirm,
  • consent (to),
  • OK.
  • (or okay),
  • ratify,

What is the word that describes an action?

VERB: Word that represents an action or a state of being; may be action, linking, or helping; may be past, present, or future tense; may be singular or plural; may have active or passive voice; may be indicative, imperative, or subjunctive mood.

What is this word accepted?

: regarded favorably : given approval or acceptance a fully accepted member of the group especially : generally approved or used an accepted convention/practice a widely accepted theory. Other Words from accepted More Example Sentences Learn More About accepted.

What is the best antonym for accepted?

antonyms for accept

  • dispute.
  • blackball.
  • refuse.
  • discard.
  • deny.
  • forfeit.
  • misunderstand.
  • reject.

What is a synonym for not taking action?

What is another word for take no action?

hold off pause
prolong kick the can down the road
tarry retard
cool goldbrick
stay put off doing something

What is the opposite of taking action?

“The work is just going to keep piling up if you procrastinate.”…What is the opposite of take action?

procrastinate dally
dawdle delay
stall tarry
wait defer action
dilly-dally hold off

What does it mean to take no action?

The first, and best way after an arrest, is a “no-action,” meaning the State Attorney’s Office has decided to not file formal charges (an “Information”) or seek an indictment in the case and will take no further action to prosecute a particular person with a crime.

What is another way to say lack of?

What is another word for lack?

deficiency shortage
dearth scarcity
shortfall deficit
insufficiency scarceness
paucity meagreness