What are the threats to the health of the community?

What are the threats to the health of the community?

The results pointed to six major threats to community health and well-being: obesity, chronic disease, infant mortality, childhood lead poisoning, communicable disease, and poor social and emotional wellness.

What is health threat?

Health threat means evidence that exposure to a specific type and concentration of contaminant is harmful to human health.

What are the top key threats that will harm the health of a child?

Main health risks Children’s lives today, and future existence, are at risk from rising sea levels, extreme weather events, water and food insecurity, heat stress, emerging infectious diseases and large-scale population migration. These issues are already affecting hundreds of millions of children today.

What are examples of global health issues?

Some of the major diseases currently affecting countries around the globe include HIV/AIDS, malaria, Zika, and tuberculosis. Climate change is also an international problem which can affect people’s health.

What challenges or threats to children’s wellness would you present?

From bullying to drug abuse to teen pregnancy, parents have a lot to worry about when it comes to their children’s health and well-being….10 biggest worries about children’s health

  1. Childhood obesity. istockphoto.
  2. Bullying.
  3. Drug abuse.
  4. Internet safety.
  5. Child abuse and neglect.
  6. Sexting.
  7. Smoking and tobacco use.
  8. School violence.

Which risks are most popular or most common with students today?

The 10 Biggest Teen Health Risks

  • Automobile Accidents.
  • Suicide.
  • Gun Violence.
  • Bullying.
  • Sexual Risks.
  • Tobacco Use.
  • Alcohol.
  • Recreational Drugs.

What are the top 10 global health issues?

Top 10 Most Common Health Issues

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition.
  • Overweight and Obesity.
  • Tobacco.
  • Substance Abuse.
  • Mental Health.
  • Injury and Violence.
  • Environmental Quality.

What are the greatest health risks in the 21st century?

The four major NCDs, accounting for 80% of all premature NCD-related deaths globally, comprise cardiovascular diseases (17.9 million deaths); cancers (9 million deaths); chronic respiratory diseases (3.9 million deaths); and diabetes (1.6 million deaths).

What does child well-being mean?

Feeling secure in social relations. Keeping safe and feeling secure. This was understood in relation to personal safety; feeling secure within families, and global safety. • Having a positive sense of self including being valued by others; and having a positive self; taking time out / having your own space to reflect.

What is positive risk-taking Behaviour?

Positive risk-taking is about learning new things and exploring unfamiliar territory. The risk is positive because, while it still evokes a feeling of uncertainty or fear, you develop a new skill or there’s a possibility of a positive outcome.